It's time to get out of your Comfortzone!

Nobody likes change for the sake of it, and you’re used to buying Comfortzone electric underfloor heating mesh, we get it. But there are a whole lot of benefits for you and your customers now that we’ve made the switch to ThermoSphere mesh.

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Time to get out of your Comfortzone! | ThermoSphere 1
ThermoSphere in a retailer

Introducing ThermoSphere!

In August 2018 we knew we needed to make life easier, so we rolled the Comfortzone, Thermonet, Vario PRO and Thermogroup brands into one new brand – ThermoSphere. With ThermoSphere you still have access to the same great quality products, all at a fixed price per m2.

Boost your sales

We’re encouraging installers to try ThermoSphere Mesh for the first time, because we know they will love it. 

Our “Try. Love. Earn.” promotion rewards installers with a £20 Gift Card for their first Mesh purchase, and £10 for every one after that.

Time to get out of your Comfortzone! | ThermoSphere 2
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