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Recommended Solution for Wood Finished Flooring

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Screening Pod Changing pod Isolation pod

Screening Pod

- Single entrance
- Hand hygiene station with basin and hand soap
- Wipe-able surfaces
- Space for x2 clinical personnel and one patient chair

Dimensions: 2.4m x 2.4m x 2.1m

Changing pod

- Clean entrance and contaminated entrance, opposite ends of the pod.
- Clean area has shelving for packaged PPE and space for two people, one to don the PPE and the other to supervise the process.
- Hand sanitiser gel dispenser on the wall.
- Dirty area is separated by partition.
- Room for two people to take off PPE.
- Clinical waste bin.
- Hand hygiene station with basin and hand soap.
- Wipe able /washable surfaces.
- Laminated posters on the wall for donning and doffing process.

Dimensions: 2.4m x 2.4m x 2.1m

Isolation pod

- Hospital side-room with ante-room.
- Negative pressure ventilation.
- Oxygen and medical gas.
- Thermal properties and climate control.
- Hand wash station in the anteroom
- Double door access
- Possible hydraulic lift or ramp to enable bed to be wheeled into facility

Dimensions: 2.4m x 2.4m x 2.1m

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Key Benefits

Efficient Heat Exchange Foil

Wood, Carpet & Vinyl 1

The membrane is designed to hold ThermoSphere membrane heating cables at variable spacing depending on the required output. Optional outputs: 130W/m2 (3 dimples) or 195W/m2 (2 dimples).

Easy Cut & Return Installation

Wood, Carpet & Vinyl 2

Neutralises the stress caused by different rates of expansion and contraction in a tiled floor. This minmises the risk of tile delamination and cracking.

Continuous Earth Protection Braid

Wood, Carpet & Vinyl 3

A fast and easy way to create a heated wet-room. ThermoSphere membrane can be installed on walls as well as floors and then sealed with the ThermoSphere waterproofing kit.

Low Profile Cold Tail

Wood, Carpet & Vinyl 4

The studs in ThermoSphere membrane allow water vapour to escape effectively. This means you can save more time by tiling over a substrate that is not fully cured.

Super-thin - Less Than 1mm Thick

Wood, Carpet & Vinyl 5

Thermonet has an IP68 Protection rating meaning that it is safe and suitable in wet locations such as a bathroom.

Under-side Cushioning

Wood, Carpet & Vinyl 6

Heavy loads are no problem for floors that include a layer of ThermoSphere membrane. The stud structure transfers the load to the sub floor without risking cracks.

Relax. It's covered for a lifetime!
Wood, Carpet & Vinyl 7

Why ThermoSphere Foil

ThermoSphere Foil is a super-thin underfloor heating foil that brings the luxuriousness of underfloor heating to laminate flooring. Less than 1mm thick, ThermoSphere Foil is designed to give the perfect spread of heat when installed beneath floating laminate flooring and engineered boards, and other applications where height build up is crucial.

ThermoSphere Foil under-laminate heating mats are available in a range of sizes and can be ‘cut and returned’ just like a ThermoSphere Mesh mat. This gives you greater flexibility when ordering the heating as you don’t need to calculate individual runs of foil heating. We can also provide bespoke standard foil room sets to fit your specifications.



Wood, Carpet & Vinyl 8

Designed for Dry Rooms yet...

ThermoSphere Foil is a Class II product that is specifcally designed for dry rooms. However, it is also suitable for installation in locations such as wet rooms and bathrooms.

Why Underfloor Heating?

Electric underfloor heating systems provide an energy efficient,
on demand heating system as well as interior design flexibility
that improves comfort and space, for everyone.

Convection Heating

Radiator Heating

Inefficient convection heating.

Unevenly heat distribution = drafts, hot heads and cold feet.

Higher thermostat temperature = increased heat loss and energy bills.

Bulky and often unattractive.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating

Improved efficiency and comfort.

Even heat distribution = comfort for everyone.

Lower thermostat temperature = money saved!

More wall space = freedom of design for your interior.

Installation Hub

ThermoSphere Membrane Installation

How to correctly lay a Sticky Mat electric underfloor heating 

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Thermonet EXTRA 200w/m2

Stock No.Output (W)Size (m)Area (m2)
1120022002.0 x 0.51.00
1120033003.0 x 0.51.50
1120044004.0 x 0.52.00
1120055005.0 x 0.52.50
1120066006.0 x 0.53.00
1120088008.0 x 0.54.00
112010100010.0 x 0.55.00
112012120012.0 x 0.56.00
112014140014.0 x 0.57.00
112016160016.0 x 0.58.00
112018180018.0 x 0.59.00
112020200020.0 x 0.510.00
112024240024.0 x 0.512.00
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Excellence in heating solutions.

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