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Heated towel rails

Carefully designed to complement the interior decor of any bathroom and manufactured using 304 grade stainless steel, ThermoSphere electric heated towel rails are cheap to run, efficient and as equally stylish and elegant.

Our heated towel rail collection

ThermoSphere Heated Towel Rail HTR-R-0700530

Round 700 x 530 mm


ThermoSphere Heated Towel Rail HTR-R-1120530

Round 1120 x 530 mm


ThermoSphere Heated Towel Rail HTR-R-1120400

Round 1120 x 400 mm


ThermoSphere Heated Towel Rail HTR-RC-0800600

Round 800 x 600 mm


ThermoSphere Heated Towel Rail HTR-R-0700530

Square 800 x 600 mm


ThermoSphere Heated Towel Rail HTR-F-1080600

Floor Standing 1080 x 600 mm


Towel Rail 1

Floor Standing 900 x 590 mm


Towel Rail 2

Swivel 435 x 500 mm


Towel Rail 3

Swivel 725 x 515 mm


Stock CodeDescriptionProfileDimensions (mm)FinishOutput (w)Unit
HTR-R-0700530SR23MRound Straight700 x 530Polished76Ea
HTR-R-1120530SR27MRound Straight1120 x 530Polished80Ea
HTR-R-1120400SR17MRound Straight1120 x 400Polished65Ea
HTR-RC-0800600CR44MRound Curved800 x 600Polished80Ea
HTR-SS-0800600SS44MSquare Straight800 x 600Polished83Ea
HTR-F-1080600FS66EFloor Standing1080 x 600Polished85Ea
HTR-F-0900590FS55EFloor Standing900 x 590Polished119Ea
HTR-S-0435500SV21Swivel435 x 500Polished45Ea
HTR-S-0725515SV32Swivel725 x 515Polished60Ea

Dry element, energy saving technology

ThermoSphere heated towel rails feature a stand-alone dry electric element meaning you don’t have to turn on your central heating just to dry your towel. 

Towel Rail 4
concealed wiring method

Concealed or exposed wiring

All ThermoSphere heated towel rails can be installed using either the concealed or exposed wiring method, whichever best suits your bathroom or installation preference.

concealed wiring method

Bespoke finishes available

A wide variety of bespoke finishes are available. 

Finishes include Matte black, Brushed nickel, Chrome, Brushed Stainless, Champagne gold and more!

Bespoke finishes are available