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Walk-through, full body sanitisation portals

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Hygiene portal

In a recent YouGov poll, 2 in 5 people said they felt anxious about returning to work, or socialising in public spaces once the lockdown is lifted. We want to help make it feel normal again.

Just walk through, with no interruption

Walk through in 2 seconds

2 seconds to pass through

360 Degrees Coverage

360° full body coverage

1000 people

1000 passes on a single tank

sanitisation portals
Full body sanitisation with
X-SAN kills 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses before entry to buildings
How it works

Step through the Hygiene Portal Plus at your standard walking pace

 Nozzles spray 360° electrostatically charged sanitiser over full body without wetting clothes

Exit the portal and continue your day

Now for the clever bit

Unique electrostatic technology attracts the sanitiser vapour to clothes, skin and anything else you carry through the portal creating a 360º antimicrobial coating.

The electrostatic charge holds X-SAN on surfaces for over 75 seconds ensuring an extremely high kill rate. X-SAN sanitiser is totally harmless to humans, gadgets and sensitive materials.

Suitable for every type of building

Care homes

Education establishments


Public buildings

Sports grounds

Entertainment venues

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