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Underfloor heating floor sensor probe

Floor sensor probe

NTC 10K Floor probe for use with ThermoSphere controls.

Stock CodeDescriptionSize
FSPB-10-03Floor Sensor Probe3Lm
Underfloor flexible conduit

Flexible conduit

Use with floor sensor probes and heating cold tails.

Stock CodeDescriptionSize
FC-003Flexible Conduit3Lm
Electrical 17

Connection kit

To extend cold tail and also to repair heating cables.

Stock CodeDescriptionSize
CK-001Connection Kit70mm
cold tail extension

Cold tail extension

To extend cold tail and also to repair heating cables.

Stock CodeDescriptionSize
CTE-001Cold Tail Extension1m
Electrical 19

Back box kit

Three piece kit for ThermoSphere control installations.

Stock CodeDescriptionSize
BBK-01Back Box Kit3 pcs
Electrical 21

Marshalling box kit

For installations with multiple electrical connections.

Stock CodeDescriptionSize
MBK-01Marshalling Box Kit3 pcs
PIR movement sensor

PIR movement sensor

PIR movement sensor for electric lighting circuits.

Stock CodeDescriptionSize
PIR-01PIR Movement Sensor-
Electrical 23

RCD fused spur

Safety device for all electric underfloor heating circuits.

Stock CodeDescriptionSize
RCD-01RCD Fused Spur13A
Contactor snubber

Contactor snubber

If the total load of your underfloor heating circuit exceeds 16A, and you want to control it from one thermostat, then you must install a suitably rated Contactor snubber.

Stock CodeDescriptionSize
CSN-02523A Contactor/Snubber5700W
CSN-04040A Contactor/Snubber9000W
CSN-06363A Contactor/Snubber14440W

Tips on electrical safety in bathrooms

Any electrical appliances must be installed in an area that complies with the product's IP rating.

"IP" stands for Ingress Protection. The second number relates to how waterproof a product is.

IP ratings should always be acknowledged, particularly in bathrooms.

Safety zones

Electrical safety in bathrooms Zone

Zone 0 - IPX7

Inside the bath or shower areas. Any fitting used in these areas must be low voltage (SELV 12V) and a rating of at least IPX7 is required.

Zone 1 - IPX4

This is the area above the bath to a height of 2.25m from the floor and 1.25m from the water source. A minimum rating of IPX4 required.

Zone 2 - IPX4

Areas of 0.6m outside the perimeter of Zone 1 and also covers a radius of 0.6m around a wash basin. A minimum rating of IPX4 is required.

Outside zones

No specific IP rating requirement unless they are going to be subjected to water jet for cleaning purposes. In this case IPX5 is the minimum.

All zones

All electrical circuits in bathrooms must be protected by a suitably rated residual current device (RCD).

Zonal guidelines

All electrical work should be carried out by a qualified electrician in accordance with relevant local regulations.

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