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Talk SAP 10 is an initiative created in partnership with Building Compliance & Renewable Energy consultancy C80 Solutions. The aim of Talk SAP 10 is to help construction professionals such as architects, M&E engineers, contractors, housebuilders and electric heating suppliers navigate through the changes SAP 10 will bring when it is launched and support them throughout the transition.

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What is SAP?

The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) is the calculation methodology set out by the UK government to calculate the energy performance of dwellings and is a requirement of the Building Regulations.

How SAP 10 will impact the heating industry
electric 2025 standards

Why SAP 10 matters

The current iteration of SAP 10 will significantly reduce the carbon emission factor for electricity from 0.519 kgCO2/kWh to 0.136 kgCO2/kWh. This will make electric heating the most environmentally friendly and best performing heating method for EPC ratings.

What it means for heating

SAP 10 will change the way buildings are heated. For developers, heat pumps, electric panel heaters and electric underfloor heating become preferred primary heat sources.  There could also be a rise in the use of electric boilers with an indirect cylinder for hot water.

home comfort

“The proposed changes in SAP 10 with regards to the performance of electric heating is a welcome addition to the calculation methodology, not only does it more accurately represent how buildings perform but also gives developers the opportunity to be more flexible in their design whilst still working towards the carbon reduction targets set out by the UK government”

Harry Hinchliffe, Energy Consultant and BREEAM Assessor at C80 Solutions 

C80 Solutions Logo

C80 Solutions is a member of the C80 Group, a multidisciplinary building consultancy group operating in the construction industry. C80 Solutions provides a range of building compliance services including energy assessment, compliance, consultancy and testing services. Other companies within the group cover building control and building services consultancy. C80 Group has three main objectives: to save its clients time, money and make the process of meeting building regulations straightforward and hassle-free.

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