Discover our range of products and live well...

Discover our range of products and live well

Electric heating

Electric systems empowered to bring you warmth and comfort, anywhere in your home.

ThermoSphere electric underfloor heating system

Electric underfloor heating

We have electric underfloor heating systems designed to compliment all floor finishes for any room in your home or office.

Underfloor heating thermostats

Our heating thermostats are designed to look great and provide easy to use, efficient control of your electric underfloor heating.​

Alexa Controlled Underfloor Heating Thermostat
Oil filled electric radiator

Electric radiators

Packed full of smart, energy saving features designed to help you take control of your environment.​

Electric towel rails

Bring the luxury feeling of warm towels to your bathroom without being dependent on your central heating system.​

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Single heated towel bar

Electric towel bars

Bring the luxury feeling of warm towels to your bathroom without being dependent on your central heating system.

Electric boilers

Our slimline electric boilers are 99.8% energy efficient, there is far less energy wastage compared to a gas boiler. Zero fossil fuels, zero flue gasses (no flue!) and zero emissions.

benefits of electric boilers
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Heated mirror pads

Finish your bathroom project with a heated mirror demister and experience condensation free, clear mirror reflections immediately after your bath or shower.


Keep your environment clean, keep you and your people safe with our range of sanitisation products.

XtraSAN hand sanitiser

XtraSAN hand sanitiser

Our alcohol free, moisturising hand sanitiser with 99.9999% efficacy against bacteria and viruses.

Hygiene portals

Keep your workplace open and your people safe with our building sanitisation packages.

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Virus containment pods

Protect your facility with an external decontamination system designed to reduce infection rates.

Air purification

Be in control of your environment and the air you breathe.

TeqAir air purifier

Indoor air can carry more pollution than city air. Revitalise yours with an air purification system.

TeqAir 200 Air Purifier - Anthracite

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