A cost effective and practical heating alternative...

Front Convector Panel Heater

Convector Panel Heater

The Ecodesign Lot 20 compliant convector panel heater is ideal for rooms that are only occasionally used but require instant heat when occupied. Using a convection heating method to warm rooms up to 18m2 and wired directly to the mains, these convector panel heaters are a cost effective and practical heating alternative.

Electronic thermostat with LCD display

Open window and door detection

7 day programmable heating schedule

Not in zone 1 or 2

Easy installation - even in bathrooms!

The convector panel heaters come with everything you need for an easy installation. Rated as IP24 (splash protection), these convector panel heaters can even be installed in bathrooms but must be installed outside of Zone 1 or Zone 2 areas. In more humid areas such as kitchens or bathrooms, the power socket must be installed a minimum of 25cm above the floor.

Controlling your convector panel heater

The intuitive control panel with LCD display makes setting up your convector panel heater simple. Easily navigate through the heating modes including comfort, economy and frost-free to customise your heating experience.

Convector panel heater

Heating modes overview



When to use

Comfort mode


When at home your convector radiator works to maintain the comfort temperature set. Use this mode to select the preferred temperature. The default temperature is 21 ̊C, you can adjust it from Economy temperature +1 ̊C to 30 ̊C.

Economy mode


Perfect for when you are away from home for short periods (from 2 to 48 hours) or maybe sleeping. The convector works to maintain the Economy temperature set and save energy. The default temperature is 17 ̊C, you can adjust it from 7 ̊C to Comfort temperature -1 ̊C.



Ideal for when you are away from home for long periods in the winter months (more than 48 hours). The temperature is automatically set to around 7°C to prevent freeze and will stay at this level until changed.



For when you want pre-set programmed operation. You can choose one of five pre-recorded programs or one of three programs which can be customized to your preference.


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