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Improve heating efficiency by up to 50% 

Underfloor heating accessories play a vital role in any installation. For example, including insulation board over the substrate can increase the efficiency of your underfloor heating system by up to 50%. Did you also know that by installing a spare floor temperature sensor at the start of every project always leaves you with a backup should anything go wrong. This saves time, money and a heap of hassle!


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Accessories for any task

Whether you need tanking and waterproofing for your wet room project or a contactor snubber to lighten the electrical load so you can control your underfloor heating with one thermostat, the range of accessories has great benefits, no matter the task.

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Boost efficiency

Improve efficiency by up to 50% by simply including a 10mm layer of insulation board.

Low Profile

Reduce impact sound

By adding a combination of acoustic layers to your installation can reduce impact sound by 19dB

Easy to control

Control easily

Control large heating systems which exceed 16A with one thermostat by adding a contactor snubber.

Even heat distribution

Tank with ease

Create the perfect wet room by combining ThermoSphere Membrane with premium tanking accessories. 

Floor strengthen

Strengthen floors

Add rigidity and strength to a timber substrate with coated insulation boards.

Low risk

Mitigate risk

Adding an extra floor sensor reduces any risk should anything go wrong with the other one.

Uncoated insulation boards

This type of insulation board provides a cost-effective thermal insulation for concrete and screed substrates. They are manufactured from a high-density extruded polystyrene and can be installed using a flexible cement based tile adhesive.

Available in thicknesses of 6mm and 10.5mm.

Download the data sheet (PDF)

Uncoated Insulation Boards

Coated insulation boards

Coated boards are manufactured from a high-density extruded polystyrene core with a fibreglass reinforced cement coating on both sides which adds rigidity, strength and thermal insulation to a timber substrate. These boards are water resistant and rot proof which makes them a great choice for wet environments such as bathrooms and wet rooms.

Available in thicknesses between 6mm and 50mm.

Download the data sheet (PDF)

Coated Insulation Boards

Tips, guides and tools

Accessory tips, guides and tools to help you create the perfect electric underfloor heating installation.

Buying guides

Buying guide

This guide gives you all the information you need when buying insulation for your underfloor heating project.

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Need a snubber?

Use this easy to use calculation to see if the electrical load exceeds 16A. Yes? You'll need a contactor snubber.

Electrical load calculation

Data Sheet

Technical information

Easy to find technical datasheets for the complete range of floor heating accessories.

Download data sheets

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