How much does it cost to run?

Did you know electric underfloor heating costs less to run than your coffee costs per month! 



Electric underfloor heating running cost calculator

Use our running cost calculator below to find out the potential daily cost of running a ThermoSphere electric underfloor heating system in your home. Please note, electric underfloor heating running cost estimations may vary depending on the property, whether you choose to include insulation, your heating management and also the cost of your local energy tariff.

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The running cost calculator is based on approximation and does not imply any warranty or guarantee of energy consumption and/or electricity costs. The following  assumptions have been made to calculate these approximate daily running costs:

  • System is installed as a primary heat source in a well-insulated dwelling, built to current Part L regulations with a 10mm floor type on 10mm insulation board
  • Location energy prices based on information provided in 2024 by The Energy Shop.
  • The system is controlled by an intelligent programmable thermostat with floor sensor
  • Floor temperatures set at 24 degrees Celsius.

How can I lower my running costs?

You can cut your running costs by half and improve efficiency by 50%, simply by adding insulation boards to your electric underfloor heating installation. Using thermostats you can create your own heating schedules and control your heating when you need it or want it most.

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