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Excellence in heating solutions - Electric underfloor heating | Wall heating | Outdoor heating


With solutions as our foundation, we provide more than just products for our customers

Electric underfloor heating solutions

The best electric underfloor heating

Our range of electric underfloor heating solutions allow you to enjoy energy efficient on demand heating under your chosen floor finish in any room of your house or project.

Outdoor heating solutions

Smart and efficient outdoor heating

Protect your pipes and guttering from the damage that can be caused by cold weather. ​

Electric heated towel rails

Beautiful wall and bathroom heating

Bring a touch of luxury to your bathroom with our range of wall and bathroom heating solutions. Our electric towel rails and bars provide flexible warming, independent of your central heating system.

Electric underfloor heating controls

Elegant & feature rich heating controls

Electric underfloor heating controls which work with Alexa, also the UK's only dual control UFH thermostat.

ThermoSphere in your home

Heating solutions designed for your kitchen and bathroom. Simply hover over each number to view solution information​

ThermoSphere heating solutions for your kitchen
ThermoSphere Mesh underfloor heating system (click for info)ThermoSphere SmartHome control (click for info)ThermoSphere Heated towel rails (click for info)ThermoSphere SmartHome control (see figure 2) works with Alexa

ThermoSphere Mesh underfloor heating system (click for info)

ThermoSphere SmartHome control (click for info)

ThermoSphere Heated towel rails (click for info)

ThermoSphere SmartHome control (see figure 2) works with Alexa

Excellence in heating solutions.


We believe in the bold pursuit of excellence with integrity, delivered through teamwork - and a sense of fun!


Everything that we do and promise is thoughtfully designed, flawlessly executed, simple to use, and 100% reliable.

Solutions driven

We manufacture electric underfloor heating to deliver comfort, safety, health and well-being for you and yours.

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