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The benefits of electric underfloor heating

Life is good with the benefits of an electric underfloor heating system. Experience an enhanced atmosphere with greater energy efficiency, faster warm up times and cheaper running costs compared to a conventional heating system.

ThermoSphere electric underfloor heating solutions are easy to install and allow you to enjoy on-demand heating under any floor finish, in any room.

You can calculate your electric underfloor heating running costs but, just so you know, the average UK bathroom costs less to run per week than you would pay for a takeaway coffee.

How to heat your bathroom

How to heat a bathroom without central heating

Follow our 4 simple recommendations for the ultimate electric bathroom heating solution:

1) Electric underfloor heating - ThermoSphere floor heating solutions will heat the room efficiently and make the floor feel amazing. Our waterproof membrane solution is perfect for bathrooms.

2) Heated towel bar or towel rail - ThermoSphere's electric element towel bars will keep your towels warm and dry without wasting energy warming up your central heating system.

3) Mirror heating - Upgrade any bathroom mirror with a self-adhesive heated mirror pad and enjoy steam free mirrors immediately after a hot bath or shower.

4) Temperature control - With a ThermoSphere Dual Control you can effortlessly set up a schedule for your electric underfloor heating, towel rail and heated mirror.

How to heat your bathroom

Seamless smart home connectivity

Need to turn up the heat? Just ask.

Complete your smart home set up with our smart home controls for electric underfloor heating. Use the ThermoSphere app to control from anywhere or connect to your smart speaker to control with your voice.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home

ThermoSphere heating solutions in your home

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