The Electric Towel Bar Collection

Better by design

Beautifully designed and perfectly made in Great Britain, this electric towel bar collection is made to elevate bathrooms to a whole new level.

Better by design

Beautifully designed and perfectly made in Great Britain, this electric towel bar collection is made to elevate bathrooms to a whole new level.

Beautiful. Practical. Safe.

The electric towel bar collection has been purposefully designed to complement all types of bathroom styles from contemporary to shabby-chic. At only 12V, they are extra safe for positioning anywhere in a bathroom, giving greater design flexibility. 

50% more efficient

This exquisite electric towel bar collection is 50% more energy-efficient than traditional towel bars. There’s no comparison.

Unique self-regulating heating technology limits maximum temperature without compromising comfort, while being extra safe for anywhere in the bathroom due to the low voltage 12V SELV elements.

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Quintessentially British

Thoughtfully designed and finished in Great Britain, this range of electric heated towel bars oozes class and combines it with British innovation to make an inspiring statement for any bathroom project.

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Patented mounting system

Installed easily...

For multiple towel bar installation, our unique mounting system provides the ideal solution. It combines effortless levelling and alignment with cable management.

Controlled conveniently...

Combine luxury with convenience by installing the Dual Control thermostat. One thermostat to control two appliances such as your electric heated towel bars and your electric underfloor heating system. Sounds good, doesn’t it.

Towel bars and dual control thermostat scene
Choose your colour

Unlock more colours...

No matter the design or colour palette of your bathroom, our custom finish service can match the colour of your brassware so your electric heated towel bars fit your style perfectly…

No such thing as a silly question...

You can install a maximum of seven towel bars on the mounting system. That is enough to make a beautiful design statement for any bathroom.

Yes we do! Our custom finish service is the perfect solution if you would like your towel bars to match the finish of your other brass-ware. This service is available for larger projects where minimum order quantities apply. Contact the projects team to discover more about this service.

For the ultimate comfort, we recommend pairing the the towel bars with electric underfloor heating. Then, use the Dual Control thermostat to control both in total harmony.

Absolutely! Because these towel bars are 12V SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage), they are perfectly safe to use in wet areas.

The self-regulating heating element saves energy by using the minimum amount to regulate the temperature of the towel bar.

When the towel bar is not covered by a towel the element gently heats up. When a towel is placed over the rail the element keeps heating until it reaches the maximum temperature. The self-regulating cable kicks in and stops heating and maintains a warm temperature that will dry the towel but will not over heat.

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