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Timber substrate insulation board

Coated insulation boards for timber substrates

Improve efficiency of underfloor heating by 50%

Adds rigidity and strength to timber substrates

100% rot proof, ideal for use in bathrooms

Use with





Stock codes

Stock CodeDescriptionThickness (mm)Board Size (m)Board Area (m2)Pack Area (m2)Pack Quantity
TIB-006-08Timber Insulation Board61.2 x 0.60.725.768
TIB-010-06Timber Insulation Board101.2 x 0.60.724.326
TIB-012-06Timber Insulation Board121.2 x 0.60.724.326
TIB-020-06Timber Insulation Board201.2 x 0.60.724.326
TIB-030-04Timber Insulation Board301.2 x 0.60.722.884
TIB-040-03Timber Insulation Board401.2 x 0.60.722.163
TIB-050-02Timber Insulation Board501.2 x 0.60.721.442

Timber insulation board accessories

Joint Tape

Joint tape

Reinforce the joints between timber insulation boards before tiling.

Timber Substrate 9

Metal & plastic washers

With fixing screws, use at 300mm centres around edge of timber insulation boards.

Timber Substrate 11

Fixing screws 32mm

Use in conjunction with fixing washers to secure timber insulation boards.

Stock codes

Stock CodeDescriptionSizeUnit
TIB-JT-01Joint Tape25 mEa
TIB-MFW-01Metal Washers⌀35 mmPk 100
TIB-PFW-01Plastic Washers⌀40 mmPk 100
TIB-FS-01Fixing Screws32 mmPk 1000

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