The environment

Here you'll find our commitment to the protecting the environment for now and for the future.


Our commitment

Our environmental commitment

The environment is critically important not just for now, but for generations to come. That's why for every electric underfloor heating mat and thermostat combination that we sell, we plant a tree to help reforestation and secure a greener future.

We aim to reduce plastic waste at our headquarters by 50%, re-use or recycle 100% of our cardboard and improve energy efficiency with continued investment in cleaner technologies including LED lighting and electric vehicles.

We recognise and accept our responsibility to be a good steward of the environment and to help achieve a state of sustainable development. In support of these responsibilities, we have established the following commitments:

  • Provide electrical heating systems and products that offer minimal environmental impact whenever possible.
  • Comply with all applicable environmental legislation with an aim of exceeding compliance wherever practical and possible.
  • Prevention of pollution in all its forms
  • Conservation of natural resources, including energy, through resource reduction, reuse and recycling wherever practicable.
  • Conformance with Environment Agency licences
  • Continual environmental performance improvement through the involvement of all employees and the local communities.

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