Electric heating systems designed with you in mind and backed by the best warranties you'll find.


Why install ThermoSphere

An experience built around you

You pride yourself on a job well done and the smile it puts on your customer’s face when they see the finished installation. You are only going to use a brand you trust which provides everything you need to get the job done right first time.

We get that. That’s why we do what we do! Whether it’s next day delivery, accessible support when your at a job or products that come with top-notch warranties, we’ve got you covered.

The benefits of installing ThermoSphere

No matter if you are installing electric underfloor heating or an electric boiler, each electric heating system has been carefully designed to make sure that installing them is easy and hassle-free. 


Peace of mind

Superior warranties. It’s not one of those that look good until you read the small print types.

British Design

Great manufacturing

As a British manufacturer, you'll benefit from practical design, unmatched quality and reliable availability.


Earn rewards

Join the installer programme for free and get rewarded every time you install plus all the training you need.


Unrivalled support

Easy access to the highest rated support in the industry, before, during and after installation.

“I have been using Thermosphere for a long time as I really like their products and never have any issues with their quality or reliability.”

- Jeremy Colson, Luxury bathroom installer



A wide range of electric heating to install

You'll find an extensive range of electric heating systems that are fast and easy to install. 

Underfloor Heating

Explore electric underfloor heating systems which are designed and made in Great Britain. Available for tile, stone, wood, carpet or vinyl floor finishes.

Choose your system
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Choosing the right thermostat will help you to improve efficiency of your electric underfloor heating system and keep running costs to a minimum.

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Towel Bars & Rails

Make a design statement with the addition of beautiful towel bars or a towel rail. Choose from a wide range of styles and colours. Add the final touch with a mirror demister.

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Radiators & Heaters

Every electric radiator is carefully selected to ensure optimum efficiency is maintained, controlling comfort is easy and installation is simple.

Discover the options
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From electric flow boilers to instantaneous hot water, the range provides a superior approach to water heating which reduces both energy and water waste.

Heat water better
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Outdoor Heating

Outdoor heating provides an energy-efficient and reliable way to reduce risk caused by frozen pipes and snow or ice covered driveways and guttering.

Explore the outdoors
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Installation support

When it comes to support for your installation, we've got your back. You can find copies of installation instructions, video guides and top tips on our website. If you need further support, call one of the team.

Product installation guides

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Register a warranty

Your installation is finished and it's time to register the warranty. If you are registering an electric underfloor heating warranty, make sure you have the three resistance readings ready from the tests you performed during installation.

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Where you can buy ThermoSphere

Purchase any of our electric heating products from a network of resellers covering the UK. Delivery is available next day and can be shipped straight to site.

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Earn rewards and more

Free for life, ThermoSphere CONNECT is our installer programme. With over 250 members and growing, it provides a platform for you to gain benefits every time you install a ThermoSphere electric heating system.

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Tips, guides and tools

We've hand-picked these electric underfloor heating tips, guides and tools to ensure you have everything you need for a perfect installation.

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Running costs

Calculate the running cost of an electric underfloor heating in any room for your customer.

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Design Freedom

6 key questions

Installing electric underfloor heating? Answer these six key questions for the perfect installation. 

What you need to know


Video guides

Watch step by step guides on installing, setting up and troubleshooting different electric heating systems.

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Latest electric heating news and insight

Grow you knowledge of electric heating with the Learning Zone. Packed full of top installation tips, industry insights and practical guides.

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ThermoSphere Ultimate® vs ThermoSphere Mesh – what’s better for tiles?

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Why NOT installing insulation is bad news for your electric underfloor heating

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Your questions answered

If you have a question that needs an answer, our comprehensive FAQs page is packed full of them. However, we know that some questions are more complex than others so our team are always available to help.


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