High performance floor heating

ThermoSphere Foil is designed for safe and high performance for wood, carpet and vinyl floor finishes.

Kit available from £37.44 Ex VAT.

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Fully compliant, straight out of the box!

Award-winning ThermoSphere Foil is the most advanced electric underfloor heating system for wood, carpet and vinyl floor finishes. It's the only foil heating system that is fully compliant with Section 753 of the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations making it the safest of its type, and for peace of mind, it's backed by a lifetime warranty.


It's the full package

If you like convenience, you can buy a complete kit from your local ThermoSphere retailer. The kit includes everything you need; 140W/m2 ThermoSphere Foil, underlay and our unique cushioning and acoustic overlay. This combination only adds 9mm to the floor build up.


4 reasons why this heating foil is the perfect fit

Foil electric underfloor systems are ideal for floating floor finishes such as wood. The heating cable is wrapped by two layers of foil which provides great thermal conductivity and fast heat up times. Unlike similar systems, ThermoSphere Foil has an abundance of features which make it the safest and easiest system to install.

Even heat distribution

Superior heat exchange

The double layer of foil is specifically designed to protect the heating element and achieve an even spread of heat to the floor finish.

Cut and turn

Easy cut and return

Accessible cable loops simplify cut and return installation and provide abrasion protection for the heat element.

Cable Protection

Unique earth protection

ThermoSphere Foil is the only foil system with a continuous protective earth braid around the heating elements.

Low Profile

Low profile

The low profile cold tail makes installation easier. It's only 4mm thick and can be concealed within the insulation.

Impact sound reduction

One of the most common paths of noise is hard floors such as timber. This is particularly significant in blocks of flats where hearing your neighbour’s footsteps is not uncommon. The combination of the 2mm cushioning overlay and 5mm cushioning underlay provides 19dB impact sound insulation.


Heating timber floors

Traditional solid timber flooring or engineered wood flooring work well with a foil electric underfloor heating system. Board thickness is a key consideration and we would recommend a maximum thickness of 18mm and a floor surface temperature of 27oC to not be exceeded.


Timber floor

Heating carpeted floors

Yes. You can even use a foil electric underfloor heating system under carpeted floors! As well as ensuring your carpet doesn't exceed a tog rating of 2.5, it's equally important to not over insulate the layers above your floor heating system.


Carpet choices

Choose your thermostat

One of the most important things when it comes to underfloor heating is control. The right thermostat will help system efficiency and help you to track energy consumption.


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Your ThermoSphere Foil questions answered

If you have a question that needs an answer, our comprehensive FAQs page is packed full of them. However, we know that some questions are more complex than others so our team are always available to help.


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