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If you are looking to learn more about electric heating, our range of electric heating CPDs offer expert insight, delivered in a way to ensure delegates are engaged the whole way through. The CPD range provides up-to-date and practical content that can be implemented in the day-to-day specification of electric heating instantly.

At just one hour long and available for delivery at your offices or via online, you'll boost your knowledge of electric heating and its impact on the construction industry. The range of CPDs include:

Specifying Electric Heating & Achieving Compliance

Sustainable Residential Heating

Sustainable Bathroom Heating

Specifying Electric Heating & Achieving Compliance (1hr)

With the race on to net zero, we explore why the changes in the industry are making electric heating easier to specify. This CPD includes:

  • Changes in the industry and how it‘s driving adoption of electric heating. Includes net zero, SAP 10 and the changes to Part L Building Regulations
  • The real benefits of electric heating in residential dwellings
  • Floor heating – how to specify electric underfloor heating
  • Water heating – how to specify electric boilers
  • How electric heating is helping to solve building challenges
  • The future of electric heating

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Net Zero CPD

Sustainable Residential Heating (1hr)

This CPD focusses on the importance of sustainable heating design and how it impacts the overall energy efficiency and feel of a home. We take a detailed look at specific electric underfloor heating floor build-ups which solve many heating challenges found around the home as well as other acoustic floor build-up hurdles.

  • Sustainable and energy efficient heating solutions for homes
  • Identification of the most suitable underfloor heating builds for each room type
  • The importance of radiant heat and heating control for energy efficiency
  • Preventing heat loss within a home

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Sustainable residential heating CPD

Sustainable Bathroom Heating (1hr)

Trends in bathroom design continue to evolve but how do you make the bathroom feel as good as it looks? This ThermoSphere CPD event focusses on the key considerations and recommendations for sustainable heating design and how these improve the overall bathroom experience.

  • How to make a bathroom feel as good as it looks
  • Sustainability within the bathroom
  • Effective bathroom heating – wet rooms
  • Heating and acoustics
  • How to reduce time and cost in the installation process
  • How radiant heat has solved bigger challenges

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Sustainable bathroom heating CPD

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