Towel Rails

Elegant, efficient and eye-catching

A practical and beautiful range of electric towel rails when hydronic rails are not an option.

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No plumbing. No problem.

The electric towel rail collection contains a stunning range of towel rail designs so it‘s easy to find the perfect match for any style of bathroom. They are a convenient option if there is no plumbing in place for a hydronic rail. The dry electric element heats up quickly and can be controlled independently from the central heating providing warm towels all year round.

HTR-R-0700530 towel rail


Fast response time

The electric towel rail collection has outputs ranging from 65W to 83W. Combine this with the fast response heating means you only have your towel rail on when you need it.

Towel rail technical info

Electric towel rails made as they should be

By installing an electric towel rail, you'll have the convenience of being able to dry and warm your towels without the need of having your central heating turned on.


Range of designs

The towel rail range includes a stylish range of profiles and designs including square, round and curved.


No extras needed

There‘s no need for any filling and additional pipe work or plumbing because each towel rail comes with a dry electric element.


Fast to install

No matter what towel rail you choose, each one comes with multi-flex wiring points found at each mounting leg and speeds up installation.


Built to last

304 grade stainless steel is used to manufacture the towel rails which means that they last longer compared with others.

Match your design

All stocked towel rails are finished as polished steel. However, if you are looking for a towel rail to match your brassware, our special finishes service can do just that. This service is offered for a quantity of 50 and above.

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For your peace of mind

With the range of electric towel rails, not only do you get an impressive build quality and finish, everything is backed by a comprehensive 5 year warranty.

Technical specification

Heated-Towel-Rail-Image 2

Control easily

By installing a Dual Control Thermostat you can use one thermostat to control two appliances such as your electric towel rail and your electric underfloor heating system

Dual Control Thermostat

Heated-Towel-Rail & Dual Control thermostat

Your Towel Rail questions answered

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