Heat & protect hard floors easily

ThermoSphere Membrane is an award-winning electric underfloor heating system for tile and stone floors.


Key features

Heating and decoupling in one

There are two key components to ThermoSphere Membrane. The first is the unique Membrane Heating Cable and the second is the Membrane Mat.  It's an easy way to create warm floors and comfortable rooms, while protecting tile or stone floors from cracking and delamination. Just like our other electric underfloor heating systems, it's backed by a lifetime warranty!

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ThermoSphere Jointless Membrane Cable and Membrane Mat

Faster installation without any of the risk

Unlike most electric heating cables, there's no bulky hot/cold joint that needs cutting into the floor. This transforms installation into a one-step process, making it faster and easier while significantly reducing any chance of accidently damaging the cold tail joint during installation. No cutting also means the membrane’s waterproofing layer stays intact.

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It's award-winning for a reason

The ThermoSphere Membrane electric underfloor heating packs multiple features into one easily installed system. Which makes it easy for the tradesperson installing it and gives the homeowner uninterrupted comfort to enjoy once the job is done. 

Variable spacing

Variable spacing

Choose between an output of 130W/m2 for well insulated rooms and 195W/m2 when you need a faster heat up time.

Membrane Heating Cable

Easier to install

Not only is the heating cable constructed with a twist to reduce cable stress, there's no cumbersome hot/cold joint to cut into the floor.


Safety first

ThermoSphere Membrane has an IP68 rating which means it's impervious to moisture and safe to use in bathrooms and wet rooms.

Low Profile

Minimal height

At only 5.5mm thick and with the jointless cold tail technology, it makes a great option if you are looking to minimise floor height.

Save time with self-adhesive

There's no need to buy extra tile adhesive, if you choose the self-adhesive option, just stick it straight onto clean plywood or OSB sub floors. Choosing the self-adhesive option also saves 3mm height within the floor build up.

Best cable, even better

ThermoSphere’s Membrane Heating Cable is the ONLY heating cable to combine in-line joint technology with TwistedTwin cable construction. This makes it the most robust 'in-line joint' heating cable you can use – giving quick quality workmanship for your customers.


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Choose your heating output

ThermoSphere Membrane allows for different heating outputs. You do this by changing the spacing between the cable. Use a two-stud spacing for an output of 195W/m2 (ideal for wet rooms) and a three-stud spacing for an output of 130W/m2 (great for well-insulated buildings).


Membrane cable variable spacing

Control with ease

Maximise the efficiency of your electric underfloor heating system by choosing the thermostat that suits your lifestyle. If you want to control it via an app, then SmartHome or the Bluetooth Programmable Thermostat might just be for you.

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Your ThermoSphere Membrane questions answered

If you have a question that needs an answer, our comprehensive FAQs page is packed full of them. However, we know that some questions are more complex than others so our team are always available to help.


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