Bluetooth Programmable Thermostat

Heating control reimagined

The Bluetooth Programmable Thermostat is the fastest, simplest and easiest thermostat to set up and program.

Available from £101.18 Ex VAT.

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Start your day with a smile

Start your day on the front foot with perfectly warm floors and an unquestionable cosy environment, all powered by a smile. The Bluetooth Programmable Thermostat (BT21) makes controlling underfloor heating a doddle. Use the app to set up a heating schedule in seconds and the dial to adjust the temperature should you prefer a more manual approach.


Just 'tap' and 'twist'

At first glance the BT21 could be mistaken for a manual thermostat but there is more to it than meets the eye. So what’s the dial for? Just ‘tap’ and ‘twist’ it to adjust the Comfort and Eco modes. Everything else is done on the app!

Setting up the BT21

Designed to make heating control easier

‘Beautiful things that make your life better’ is a Scandinavian concept that has always been a highly regarded. Designed and made in Scandinavia, the BT21 takes this concept to a new level ensuring better control of your heating to help you live well.

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Fast to set up

With the BT21, it's faster and easier to set up a customised heating schedule. You can do it in under 60 seconds!

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Copy & paste

Setting up multiple thermostats is easy. Just set up one, then copy and paste the settings and heating schedule to the rest.

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Safe & secure

Stop family members adjusting the temperature. Use the lockdown mode via the app and make it completely tamper proof.

Wi-Fi icon

Outdoors too

Simply control your outdoor heating, by combining the BT21 with the new wireless temperature and humidity sensor.

The power of Bluetooth

No internet. No hubs. No worries. Unlike thermostats that rely on Wi-Fi signal, you‘ll have peace of mind knowing that the BT21 uses Bluetooth connectivity. It also means you don‘t waste time remembering passwords. Just connect and go!

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On the thermostat

The manual dial is used to adjust the temperature of the Eco and Comfort modes and everything else is done on the app! Fear not! You can lock the dial to stop wandering hands adjusting the temperature when you are not looking.

How to set up the BT21

Bluetooth Programmable Thermostat dial

On the app

The app for the Bluetooth Programmable Thermostat is a powerhouse of functionality. Create heating schedules in under 60 seconds and adjust all settings easily without navigating through complicated menus.

Need proof? Watch the video

Bluetooth Programmable thermostat app

Easily replace old thermostats

Just like many of our other thermostats, the BT21 works with all of the most popular sensor probes. So, if your existing underfloor heating thermostat is a pain to use or just an eyesore on your wall, you can replace it with ease.

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Sensor probe Installation

You thermostat questions answered

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