Glass Panel Heater

Instant warmth made with style

The Glass Panel Heater which perfectly combines beautiful design with ease of use to create ideal comfort.

Available from £203.29 Ex VAT.

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A combination of sleek style and efficiency

Glass Panel Heaters are a great option if you are looking for an electric panel heater that combines style with energy efficiency. A single unit will silently warm well-insulated spaces up to 18m2 and you can use multiple heaters for larger areas. You can control it from your smartphone, the remote control or directly on the intuitive display.

Black Glass Panel Heater

Take control

Create and set your heating schedules easily, make temperature adjustments from anywhere or simply switch between heating modes, all controlled with the ThermoSphere app. 

How to set a heating schedule

Everything you need from an electric panel heater

The Glass Panel Heater comes with design features and functions that make heating control easy and efficient. The touch LED display allows for easy programming of a preferred heating schedule and the reinforced glass fascia makes it robust and safe. 

whole family access

Control anywhere

The panel heater connects directly to your Wi-Fi, allowing you to access and control your heating from anywhere.


Easily installed

The Glass Panel Heater comes with sleek aluminium feet so you can either use it as a free-standing heater or install it directly on a wall.

BT21 Control

Multiple modes

From protection mode to eco 50% energy mode, the Glass Panel Heater comes packed full of practical and energy saving features.


Tough as nails

We know that accidents happen. The tough reinforced glass fascia ensures that even if it gets cracked, it won't shatter.

Where old meets new

The Courthouse is a stunning conversion and extension to Ramsgate‘s old Police Station which provides a seamless and sympathetic renovation which cleverly combines the old with the new. It just happens to be heated using Glass Panel Heaters.

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Safety in mind

Not only is the Glass Panel Heater easy to set up, it also comes with a bunch of safety features. For example, tip over protection automatically turns off the panel heater should it accidently be knocked over.

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Glass panel heater safety

Everything included

The Glass Panel Heater comes with everything you need for an easy and hassle-free installation. The aluminum feet give you the option to use it as a free-standing heater rather than taking up wall space.

Installing the Glass Panel Heater

Glass panel heater free standing

Your electric panel heater questions answered

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