Versatile heating cable for screed

ThermoSphere Screed Cable is designed for use with almost any floor finish, even wood, carpet and vinyl.

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Perfect when floor height isn't a challenge

ThermoSphere Screed Cable is a versatile electric underfloor heating system which is designed for installation within the screed layer of new build or renovation projects where floor height is not an issue. Ideal for rooms that are in almost constant use as they have longer heat up and cool down times.

Screed electric underfloor heating

Economical heating

In-screed electric underfloor heating systems provide a great opportunity to take advantage of low cost energy tariffs like Economy 7 because of the slower heat up and cool down time. So, just turn it on overnight and enjoy the next day.

Technical specifications

It's twisted for a reason

On closer inspection, you'll discover that our Screed Cable has a twisted construction. The TwistedTwin cable is unique to us. It helps to reduce cable stress and makes the cable tougher than any alternative. But, there's more...

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Advanced protection

The advanced protective PVC coating protects the heating element during installation.

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Design your way

The heating output per m2 can be adjusted by varying the cable spacing to achieve your desired heating output.

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Primary / secondary

Rated at 18W/Lm and dependent on cable spacing, it can be used as a primary  or secondary heat source.

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Faster installation

Use one of two fixing methods to make installing ThermoSphere Screed Cable easier and faster.

Made for screed

Designed for use in 40mm - 100mm depth of all types of sand and cement, anhydrite and flow screeds.

How to install

A choice of finish

A heated concrete screed can be covered with almost any floor finish. This is subject to the manufacturer‘s guidelines on maximum floor temperatures. 

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Floor finish options

Screed protection

For the perfect combination, we recommend installing perimeter foam. It allows the screed to expand and contract when heated. Not allowing for this expansion could result in a breakage in the screed.

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PIF Installation

Take better control

There's a large selection of underfloor heating thermostats to choose from. Just select the one that best suits you. Control directly on the thermostat or on your phone. You decide.

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Your ThermoSphere Screed questions answered

If you have a question that needs an answer, our comprehensive FAQs page is packed full of them. However, we know that some questions are more complex than others so our team are always available to help.


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