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ThermoSphere Mesh is a fully self-adhesive electric underfloor heating mat manufactured in the heart of Kent.

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Designed with ease of installation in mind, ThermoSphere Mesh oozes all of the exceptional quality you would expect from a British made underfloor heating system. The self-adhesive mesh sticks to the substrate wire-side-down which protects the fully earthed TwistedTwin heating cable and speeds up the installation process. All backed by a lifetime guarantee!

ThermoSphere Mesh electric underfloor heating

TwistedTwin technology

Exclusive to ThermoSphere, the TwistedTwin heating cable is the most robust and long lasting cable in the market. The twisted construction minimises cable stress and comes with full earth protection to make it one of the safest heating cables available.

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The heating mat of preference

With so many unique features, no wonder ThermoSphere Mesh is the electric underfloor heating system of preference for many installers and homeowners alike.

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Fully self-adhesive

The self-adhesive backing speeds up installation by holding the mesh to the substrate for easy self-levelling and tile fixing.

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TwistedTwin cable

The unique, twin twisted stress free cable construction creates a longer lasting cable with zero electromagnetic field.

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Low profile

LayFlat technology makes installation easy. The cold tail is only 4mm thick so it can be concealed within the tile adhesive layer

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Cable protection

It's installed wire-side-down which means the heating cable is protected by the mesh from damage during installation.

Use for walls, not just floors

ThermoSphere Mesh is so versatile, you can even add that little bit of extra comfort by installing it under wall tiles in wet rooms and shower cubicles.


Floor finishes

ThermoSphere Mesh is recommended for tile and stone floors, but with the right accessories it can be used in almost any type of floor specification including carpet and vinyl, as well as wet rooms.

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Floor finish options

A choice of output

The higher the wattage, the faster the heat-up time. For example 200W/m2 is perfect for high demand rooms like conservatories. 150W/m2 is a great primary heat source for well insulated rooms and 100W/m2 is usually for floor warming only.


ThermoSphere Mesh underfloor heating kitchen

Controlling your heating

Choosing the right thermostat to match your lifestyle will help your electric underfloor heating system run more efficiently and keep your heating bills under control.

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Your ThermoSphere Mesh questions answered

If you have a question that needs an answer, our comprehensive FAQs page is packed full of them. However, we know that some questions are more complex than others so our team are always available to help.


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