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Naturally better by design: New electric towel bar range launched!

Naturally better by design: New  electric towel bar range launched!

ThermoSphere, one of the UKs leading electric heating manufacturers, continues to innovate with their new ultra-energy-efficient electric towel bar collection. Beautifully designed and perfectly finished in Great Britain, this new collection is made to complement all types of bathroom design.

12V-SELV-elementAt only 12V and 50% more energy-efficient than traditional electric towel bars, the new collection is designed with the environment in mind, ensuring minimal energy is used to achieve maximum comfort. Each towel bar contains unique self-regulating technology which intelligently limits the maximum temperature the bar reaches and removes the risk of over-heating.

Towel-bar-colour-montage-1024x615The new towel bar collection includes six beautiful premium finishes which come as standard. This includes diamond polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, polished brass, brushed brass, matt black and matt white. A custom finish service is also available for larger quantities to ensure the towel bars match the colour of the specified brassware in any bathroom.

Installing a single electric heated towel bar or seven electric heated towel bars? No problem. We have you the installer covered with our simple and easy to follow installation guides. Whichever fixings you require we have made a video to show the required steps to install with ease, creating your beautifully finished bathroom.

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Alistair Bell, Managing Director of ThermoSphere commented:

“This new collection demonstrates our ability to bring innovative premium solutions to meet the needs of bathroom designers whilst improving the installation experience at the same time. A brilliant team effort and one that continues to cement our reputation as one of the UK’s leading electric heating manufacturers.”

Further details can be found by visiting the electric towel bar collection pages or complete our digital form to find out any information you require about our products.

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