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Guide to Installing Electric Boilers

5 min read

Guide to Installing Electric Boilers

Electric boilers are similar in size to gas boilers and, on average, slightly cheaper to install. They have appeal to homeowners who live off the gas...

Electric boilers vs oil boilers for off-grid heating

6 min read

Electric boilers vs oil boilers for off gas grid heating

If you live in a home that is off the gas grid, you’ll know that there are a wide range of options available to choose from to heat your home. There...

Report on UK construction's attitude towards direct electric heating - discussing building specification

4 min read

Direct electric heating key for decarbonisation of heating in the UK

Launched in the latter part of 2022, the report ‘Working towards Net Zero’ sheds light on the UK construction industry’s attitudes toward direct...

Electric boilers - a viable alternative to gas

5 min read

Electric boilers: An introductory guide for homeowners

How we heat homes is changing and the journey towards reducing carbon emissions is driving it. Gas boilers will be banned from new build developments...

Can you swap out a gas or oil boiler for an electric one?

5 min read

Can you swap out a gas or oil boiler for an electric one?

Electric boilers have always been most popular in off grid areas with no mains gas, but with the increases in oil prices and the desire to reduce our...