ThermoSphere electric boilers

Zero fossil fuels.
Zero flue gasses.
Zero emissions.

What's not to like?​

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99.8% efficient

ThermoSphere electric flow boilers don't burn fossil fuel so there are no flue gas emissions and no contribution to global warming. Take it to the next level and power your electric boiler with a solar PV system or switch to a renewable energy supplier.

Heating your home with clean electricity is better for you and better for the environment.

works with your radiator

Works with your existing heating system

  • Central heating radiators
  • Wet underfloor heating
  • Thermostatic radiator valves
  • Conventional room thermostats

Unique integrated pump set

ThermoSphere electric flow boilers come with a fully integrated high quality hydraulic pump set and pressure relief valve. That's one less thing to buy, saves installation time and gives you a combined warranty from one manufacturer.

Small size, big possibilities

The slimline design makes ThermoSphere electric boilers ideal for homes where space is at a premium or there is no gas supply.

Small enough to be tucked away in an airing cupboard and a great option for smaller accommodation, loft spaces and conservatories.

One boiler. 3 outputs

Choose from our 4.5kW to 9.0kW models each featuring 3 heating elements that can be switched independently. Three phase 400V, 12KW and 15KW models also available to order.

Put your feet up and relax

ThermoSphere electric flow boilers don't require an annual service so there are no maintenance costs to worry about.  PLUS, you have a 2 year warranty which includes the hydraulic pump set, so relax and enjoy the comfort.

Future-proof your home

From 2025 the average new-build home is expected to have 80% less carbon emissions than current standards. Direct electric boilers and other low carbon heating systems are predicted to be integral to achieving these targets. Install an electric boiler now and lead the charge towards our zero carbon future.

No need to worry, it's fully compliant

EcoDesign directive 2009/125/EU

Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 811/2013

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