Northern General Hospital Helipad


Case Study Overview

Project Name: Northern General Hospital Helipad

Project Type: Public Services

Products: ThermoSphere Drive Heating

It‘s not just heating solutions for homes that we have experience with…it also includes heated helipads and access ramps. Sheffield‘s Northern General Hospital is a case in point. The scheme included the demolition of a building and site clearance to allow for the construction of a heated helipad with a dedicated heated access ramp.

An ice prevention solution was a must have requirement because any ice build-up on the helipad and ramp would add risk to patients being safely transported to inside the hospital. We were asked by our client to produce a specification for heating the main helipad and the ramp.

We produced a 3 phase specification which used a 400V system with an output of 300W/m2. The system was designed in 3 sections to ensure the load did not exceed the available supply and could be balanced across the phases.

The intelligent ThermoSphere Drive controller was used to sense when there is a risk of snow or ice build-up and automatically switches on to ensure driveways and vital access ways stay safe and usable in cold winter conditions.


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