One Lampton Road


Case Study Overview

Project Name: One Lampton Road

Project Type: Residential

Products: Electric Oil Filled Radiator

One Lampton Road is a large residential development consisting of the conversion of a 11 storey office building into 115 residential units consisting of 70 studios, 35 one-bedroom apartments and 10 two bedroom apartments.

Energy-efficient space heating was required for the rooms and corridors of each apartment. ThermoSphere‘s electric EcoDesign Lot 20 compliant oil filled radiator was the perfect fit. Its accurate, fast acting control reduces temperature overrun and maximises energy efficiency. 179 were supplied which included 900W, 1500W and 1800W versions.

Want to know what our mechanical engineer client thought?

“ThermoSphere‘s oil filled radiators was a unique experience for us, as they prevail with many advantages from the competition. The oil filled radiators are extremely easy to handle, install and connect. Furthermore, ThermoSphere‘s oil filled radiators are a very good option if you are looking for something reliable, durable, not so expensive, and a cozy method to heat your house, office or store.

Overall ThermoSphere as a company, has surprised us with its willingness of helping and supporting us with their products. We have to say that we are very happy with our collaboration so far, as the customer support and lead time of the materials is one of the best out there.”


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