Southwark Fire Station


Case Study Overview

Project Name: Southwark Fire Station

Project Type: Residential

Products: ThermoSphere Wall Heating Mesh

Southwark Fire Station is a Grade II listed building which was originally built in 1777. The site has been redeveloped for mixed-use and branded as Brigade Court. Under the development, 199 residential homes have been created which include one, two and three-bedroom homes as well as 300m2 of commercial space. Additionally, a new secondary school has been built which incorporates part of the existing space of the fire station which will help meet demand for education facilities in the area.

The beautifully designed apartments and duplexes were fitted out with hydronic underfloor heating. However, the bathrooms required additional heating and the only way to achieve this was to use wall heating.

The project required bespoke wall heating mats and because we are a British manufacturer, that was not a problem. To meet the heating demand, we manufactured a 1.5lm x 0.5m mat with a heating output of 200W/m2 to ensure a faster heat up time. The self-adhesive Mesh was easily installed on the wall substrate and directly tiled over. The system was controlled using the same thermostat model as the wet underfloor heating to ensure consistency in heating control.


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