CEF (City Electrical Factors)

ThermoSphere retailer

City Electrical Factors Ltd is a private limited company established in 1951. They are the United Kingdom’s leading Electrical Wholesale Network. Read more

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Company Information:

Phone: 01763 272 717

Email: customerservices@cef.co.uk

Website: www.cef.co.uk

Store locator: www.cef.co.uk/stores

Locations: National

Type: Electrical Wholesaler


Products Sold:

Floor Heating: Mesh, Foil, Overlay

Heating control: Programmable, Dual control, SmartHome, Wireless, Manual

Bathroom: Mirror demisters

Water Heating: Flow boilers

Accessories: Wireless HUB, SmartHome Hub, Washers, Mesh tape, conduit, insulation board, Fixing tape, Contactor snubber


About Company:

Technology has come a long way and at CEF we are always looking to improve our service to the customer through the latest innovations available.

We pride ourselves in being good listeners and all of our staff are readily accessible to help our customers in a friendly and meaningful way.

Our customers are central to our business and are assured of a superior level of service and attention, second to none.

We go further by committing ourselves to staff training programmes to improve their knowledge and skills, whilst aiming for excellence in Customer Service.