Quantum Electrical

ThermoSphere retailer

Quantum was born from the vision of a team of highly qualified and experienced people from within the electrical wholesaler industry, who set out to create an electrical wholesaler with the primary goal to offer the highest levels of service to our customers using the combined 100 years of experience and knowledge gained from within the industry. Read more

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Company Information:

Phone: 01293 213 007

Email: crawley@quantum-electrical.com

Website: https://quantum-electrical.com

Locations: National

Type: Electrical Wholesaler


Products Sold:

Floor Heating: Foil, Membrane, Mesh

Heating control: Programmable, Connected

Accessories: Adhesives, Electrical, Insulation


About Company:

With strengths from within the Aviation, Renewable Energy, Industrial, Commercial, Residential, and Telecommunication sectors, we feel confident in exceeding our customer expectations on every occasion and level.