Grosvenor Crescent


Grosvenor Crescent

Project type: 

Foil Underfloor Heating

Project overview

Grosvenor Crescent is ranked as one of the UK‘s most expensive residential streets. Because the buildings are Grade II listed, there were tight planning constraints.

We were asked to help reduce the cold influence from the single glazed windows which, due to the planning constraints, could not be upgraded. ThermoSphere Foil was installed under the carpet next to the window bays to provide gentle warmth and minimise the cold influence from the listed single glazing.

The mats were manufactured to a non-standard size and delivered to site after being labelled up to correlate with each apartment which made the installers job easier.

Each heating mat was controlled by a standard floor sensing thermostat which was connected to the BMS system.

Inside Grosvenor Crescent

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