Introducing the best electric underfloor heating thermostat we've ever made

Our SmartHome thermostat. The G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) Perfected from years of innovation, if you’re looking for the perfect underfloor heating thermostat, this is it.

SmartHome 1

Your home just how you want it

It’s never been easier to create that perfect atmosphere in your home. Our Smarthome thermostat can be controlled from your smart phone and also just using your voice.

SmartHome Control with wireless hub
Smart Home Voice Control
smart home technology

Smart technology in an abundance​

Enjoy the benefits of our most feature rich underfloor heating thermostat yet:

  • Ambient and floor temperature sensing

  • Window & door open/close detection

  • 7 day programmable heating schedule

save on your energy use

Track and save on your energy use​

Your energy use is monitored allowing you to identify the times and opportunities where you could be saving energy, and reducing your heating bill.

EcoDesign Compliant

Control your heating from anywhere

Some days are colder than expected. Not a problem. Adjust your heating remotely on your phone, so it’s the perfect temperature to arrive home to.

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SmartHome 2
SmartHome 3

Need to turn up the heat?
Just ask

You can now even control your heating using your voice. Simply call out and tell your thermostat how warm you want your room to be.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


Connect to your network using the Smarthome hub

Connect up to 100 thermostats with our Smarthome Hub. Just as with the thermostat, you can control via your smart phone (up to 10 hubs).

The Smarthome Hub is essential for wireless connectivity

ThermoSphere SmartHome Hub

How to connect your SmartHome thermostat

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