Working towards Net Zero


How decarbonising residential heat can help construction teams meet their net zero targets.


This research highlights the urgent need for guidance from the UK government on how the construction industry can best meet its net zero targets by decarbonising residential heating.


Feedback from construction professionals reveals the extent of confusion in the market. Businesses need more clarity on which low carbon solutions they should use and how to fund them, while continuing to deliver competitive projects.


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  • The government needs to invest more to help the industry decarbonise buildings. (74% agree)
  • The market continues to see increased consumer interest in low carbon heating as energy costs rise. (66% agree)
  • The biggest challenge the industry faces in decarbonising heat is to retrofit buildings. (62% agreed)


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74% Agree the government needs to invest more to help the industry decarbonise buildings

Industry recommendations 

The report not only contains key challenges to achieving net zero but also what the industry needs to do to make it realistic. This ranges from consumer education and practical approaches to retrofitting buildings.


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Practical approaches and retrofiting buildings