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5 reasons why this is the best programmable thermostat

5 reasons why this is the best programmable thermostat

Effectively controlling your electric underfloor heating needs two key ingredients. The first is it needs to be simple to use. The second is it needs to help the homeowner manage energy use economically. Both are key reasons why ThermoSphere launched the Bluetooth Programmable thermostat (BT21) which is designed and manufactured in Europe and oozes Scandinavian style and quality.

So, if you’re looking for an underfloor heating thermostat that packs a punch and just makes heating control easier, then here’s five reasons to choose the Bluetooth Programmable thermostat.

1. It’s easy to use 

Over the last couple of years there has been a flurry of smarter and more feature rich thermostats coming to the market. You’ll find lots of claims made by thermostat manufacturers on how much you can save but these are often based on a household using the same heat setting all the time, or assuming that heating is turned down only overnight and not during the day. It is important to remember that the heating habits of each household are different so energy and cash savings can vary. However, with more features can come more complexity, which can be a frustration to the less tech savvy homeowner.

The Bluetooth Programmable thermostat provides the best of both worlds. At first glance it could be mistaken for a manual thermostat but there is more to it than meets the eye. So, what’s the dial for? Just ‘tap’ and ‘twist’ it to adjust the Comfort and Eco modes. What’s Eco mode? It’s the temperature which your thermostat will fall back to so that you’re not consuming any more energy than you need to. Everything else is done on the app!

Bluetooth Programmable thermostat twist function

2. Better with Bluetooth

Unlike thermostats that rely on Wi-Fi signal, the Bluetooth Programmable thermostat uses Bluetooth connectivity. You don’t need access to a Wi-Fi signal, so there’s no reason to buy a hub to connect it. Additional benefits to Bluetooth connectivity are that it’s one of the most secure connections to use and you don’t need to worry about remembering passwords to get connected.

If an automatic heating schedule appeals to you, it can be done quickly and easily with the Bluetooth Programmable thermostat by connecting to your phone via Bluetooth. Simply download the app via Apple’s App Store or Google Play, connect to your thermostat and then set up a custom heating schedule in less than a minute! Need proof? Watch the video.

Most thermostats will make you press and hold buttons, decode complicated settings menus using tables in the instructions (if you have them) and even translate other languages, to get to the settings and heating schedule. With the Bluetooth Programmable thermostat, it’s as easy as connecting to a Bluetooth speaker. The app gives you access to the heating schedule and advanced settings, should you want to get a bit more technical.

If that’s not your thing, simply use the dial and turn it up when you want to be warm, and down when you want to be cooler.

Bluetooth Programmable thermostat ThermoSphere app

3. It’s the most accurate thermostat in our range and helps you save energy

Without getting too technical, most electric underfloor heating thermostats use something called “hysteresis” to work out when the heating should be on or off. This simply compares the temperature you’ve set (the temperature you want your room to reach to be warm), with the temperature that the thermostat is currently reading. If the room is cold the heating will come on and if the room is too hot the heating will switch off. The problem with this is that it often causes the room temperature to fluctuate up and down by 1 to 2°C. This doesn’t sound like much, but you will definitely feel it. Another consequence is that it shortens the lifespan of your thermostat because of the unnecessary switching on and off.

The Bluetooth Programmable thermostat is different because it uses an alternative method, called fuzzy logic to figure out when your heating should be on or off. Fuzzy logic helps to save energy because it makes it less likely that your underfloor heating will ‘overshoot’ the set temperature. It switches the heating on and off based on a much more intelligent and accurate set of calculations. This results in your heating staying much closer to the temperature you set, without waiting for the room to get too hot before switching off and too cold before switching on. This leaves you much more comfortable and reduces energy consumption. 

Bluetooth Programmable thermostat saves energy

4. Added flexibility with the optional wireless temperature sensor

If, like a lot of our happy customers, you’re having electric underfloor heating installed in your bathroom then pairing the Bluetooth Programmable thermostat with a wireless sensor could be a good option for you. Why? A lot of electricians won’t install thermostats in bathrooms, so you end up with the thermostat outside in the hallway or on the landing. This setup isn’t ideal, but the underfloor heating will still work based on the floor temperature. However, you will have no reference of the actual temperature in the room.

If you install the Bluetooth Programmable thermostat on your landing you can have a wireless sensor installed in the bathroom which will give you the reading of the room temperature. This gives you the option for using the floor temperature or the air temperature as the reference point for the thermostat. The wireless sensor is battery operated and comes with a self-adhesive patch so it’s extremely easy to install. Ultimately it helps you to run your bathroom’s electric underfloor heating more efficiently.


5. Connects to building management systems (BMS)

This point isn’t relevant for most homeowners but if you’ve got a wired home automation system or you’re a professional working on an electric underfloor heating spec that needs to work with a BMS, then the Bluetooth Programmable thermostat is a great option for you.

How does the Bluetooth Programmable thermostat work with BMS? 

It has an extra terminal on the back labelled with a clock symbol. This is a 230V signal input that can be connected to a BMS based timer switch. When the BT21 receives a 230V signal into this terminal it will switch to the “Eco” setback temperature. This temperature should be set to a low temperature that means the heating is effectively off at these times. When there is no 230V signal at this port the thermostat will maintain the “Comfort” temperature which means the heating will be on during these times.

Smart Home Bluetooth Programmable thermostat building management system

Support with your heating control

If you’re still unsure of what underfloor heating thermostat is right for you or would like support setting up your thermostat, our customer services team are available Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 17:00 to help. We’ll even speak to your installer directly if they are not sure of anything before, during or after the installation. 

Thanks for reading and please do get in touch if you have any questions.

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