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Underfloor heating thermostats help you to run your system much more efficiently which helps you to save money in the long-term. If you reduce the temperature of a room by 10C, it can reduce heating bills by up to £75 annually (Energy Saving Trust).

We are often asked 'what's the best underfloor heating thermostat to use?' So, let's walk you through some options.

Benefits of the thermostat range

One of the most critical parts of any electric underfloor heating installation is how you control it. The thermostat range has been designed to make controlling it, simple and efficient.

Product range

Wide range

From manual to smart, choose your thermostat from the widest range available in the UK.

BT21 Time

Set up fast

If speed matters, you'll be pleased to know that you can set up heating schedules in under 60 seconds.

Colour displays + simple language

Monitor energy use

Intelligently track and monitor your energy use and start reducing your energy bills. 

whole family access

Access anywhere

If you're not at home, don't worry. Control your heating just by using your smartphone.

Variable spacing

Control two appliances

Control your electric underfloor heating and towel bars, towel rails or mirror demister with one thermostat.


Your peace of mind

Each thermostat comes with a comprehensive warranty backed by five star support.

What thermostat should you choose?

We always recommend choosing a thermostat that suits your lifestyle. For example, if you love your tech and controlling gadgets with your smartphone then a smart thermostat might be best suited to you.

Programmable Control White Front


The bread and butter of underfloor heating thermostats. It automatically adjusts the temperature of the room to your ideal comfort level, when you want it to.

About Programmable

BT21 Front


A programmable thermostat with a difference. Use the manual dial to adjust the temperature and use the app for the rest. Including setting up a heating schedule in less than 60 seconds! 

About Bluetooth

SmartHome Thermostat White Front


A feature rich thermostat which can be controlled with an app or by using your voice. Your energy use is monitored allowing you to identify opportunities where you could be saving energy.

About SmartHome

Dualcontrol Thermostat White Front

Dual Control

The only one available in the UK, the Dual Control allows you to control your underfloor heating and a towel bar, towel rail or mirror demister with one thermostat.

About Dual Control

Easily replace old thermostats

The thermostat range includes compatibility with the most popular sensor probes. So you can easily replace old thermostats with new ones, no matter what brand of electric underfloor heating system you have installed.

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Mesh Installation_sensor probe

3 years guaranteed

For your peace of mind, each thermostat comes with a comprehensive three year warranty. You'll also receive regular updates to thermostat apps to ensure you have the latest energy saving functionality.

Remember to register your electric underfloor heating installation.

Register your warranty

BT21 twist 800

Tips, guides and tools

These electric underfloor heating thermostat  tips, guides and tools give you everything you need to help you to run your system more efficiently.


Running cost calculator

Calculate the running cost of your electric underfloor heating in any room within your home.

Calculate running cost


Thermostat buying guide

This guide walks you through what you need to consider when choosing an electric underfloor heating thermostat.

Read the buying guide


Video guides

From wiring in a thermostat to setting up heating schedules, these videos guide you through each step.

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Your heating control questions answered

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