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A NEW smarter water heating alternative - Product launch

A NEW smarter water heating alternative - Product launch

How many times a day have you needed to run water, just waiting for it to get hot? It’s a massive waste! In fact, in the UK, we waste 65.5bn litres of water each year just waiting for the water to heat up in showers. That’s enough to fill a whopping 25,400 Olympic sized swimming pools! However, everything is about to change…

ThermoSphere are proud to introduce an intelligent alternative for heating hot water. The NEW Micro Electric Boiler (MEB), which significantly reduces water and energy waste by instantly heating the water you need, when you need it. Running at 99.7% efficiency it knocks other instantaneous systems out of the park.

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Micro Electric Boiler vs Gas plant

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s how it compares to a gas plant showing energy consumption comparison in a medium density 8 apartment building.

Assumptions: 20,000L of hot water per year, gas plant heats water to 70°C and circulates in a ring main, Micro Electric Boiler installed in each apartment and heats water to 50°C as required and maintenance costs for gas system not included.

Results using the Micro Electric Boiler:

  • 50% reduction in capital cost
  • 74% less energy (kWh) used
  • 50% reduction in running costs


The Micro Electric Boiler is the perfect complement for any project that requires a dynamic, practical and energy efficient approach for heating water. It can be used with:


Domestic hot water systems


Solar thermal and heat pumps backup


Wet underfloor heating systems


Regulatory temperature limitation

Unlike the drawbacks often found with typical instantaneous hot water systems, there’s no risk of overheating, burnout or scaling. This is because the Micro Electric Boiler doesn’t use a heating element to heat the water, it uses the natural resistance of the water between two electrodes to heat the water faster.

Read the science behind it >

Compact design

The compact A4 sized design (315 x 210 x 170mm) of the Micro Electric Boiler makes it easy to install in confined spaces. This makes it a perfect fit for any type of residential or commercial project, where space is at a premium.

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It‘s clever. Really clever!

Using a patented system of sophisticated electronics and software, the Micro Electric Boiler dynamically adjusts the energy use 100 times a second to deliver hot water at the exact temperature using as little energy as possible.

See how easy it is to install >


Double the flow rate

By installing a Micro Electric Boiler, you’ll be able to achieve over double the flow rate of other instantaneous hot water systems. In fact, as much as 5.5 litres per minute!

You can even install two Micro Electric Boilers in tandem to deliver flow rates of 11 litres per minute!

Discover all the technical details >


For further information, contact one of the ThermoSphere team by calling 0800 019 5899 or email sales@thermosphere.com

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