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Smart thermostats and the connected home...

Smart thermostats and the connected home...

Smart thermostats form part of the smart home devices category and it’s a category that is booming. In fact, in 2019 over £10 billion was spent on smart home devices in the UK alone. By 2024, spend on smart home devices is predicted to reach over £151 billion globally. As consumers become more aware of the capability of smart devices and the benefits of a connected home, demand for smarter living will only continue to rise.

What does a connected home mean?

Smart thermostats and the connected home

A connected home is a network of interconnected devices where appliances and devices can be automatically controlled remotely from anywhere with an internet connection using a mobile phone or alternative networked device. The homeowner can then remotely control functions such as heating, lighting and security.

According to ‘The State of the Connected Home’ report by TechUK, 59% of people stated that cost was one of the biggest barriers to adopting smart technology followed by concerns over privacy and knowledge of how the technology works. For consumers that have fully adopted smart devices, the 25-44-year-old age group own the most, many of which have three of more smart devices in their home. The most popular smart devices include:

Smart devices do generally come with a premium price but 52% of people willing to pay more for a smart device as it fits with their lifestyle.

Smart thermostats within a connected home...

There are so many benefits to installing smart thermostats but to get the most out of them and to help save money on energy bills, they are best suited for homeowners who:

  • Have a busy lifestyle and prefer to control devices on the go
  • Are comfortable with using the technology within an App
  • Want to see how much heating is being used and where to make improvements to reduce energy bills

When choosing a smart thermostat, it is important to remember that you need the right one to do the right job. For example, if you have or are wanting to install electric underfloor heating in your home then you will need an underfloor heating thermostat because thermostats such as Nest or Hive do not work with floor sensors. However, our SmartHome thermostat does and is specifically designed to make the control of your electric underfloor heating nice and easy.

What makes a smart thermostat such as Thermosphere's SmartHome ‘smart'?


By embracing interconnectivity using the internet you can connect the SmartHome thermostat to and control it via the App and/or control it with your voice using smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo. However, more importantly it provides an easy and valuable service…controlling heating and improving energy-efficiency.

To do this, you will need to download the ThermoSphere App from either Google Play or the App Store and ensure that you have the SmartHome Hub connected. You can watch the ‘How to connect your SmartHome thermostat’ guide and see how easy it is.

When it comes to smart thermostats and those specific to electric underfloor heating, over 20 years of experience and knowledge on the best and most efficient way to control your comfort has gone into the SmartHome thermostat. Nothing else comes close!

The SmartHome thermostat is incredibly feature-rich. It includes:

  • Energy tracking/monitoring
  • Energy saving adaptive start
  • Ambient and floor temperature sensing
  • Window & door open/close detection
  • 7-day programmable heating schedule

But if you want to discover more, you can head on over to the SmartHome thermostat product page, where you will find everything from product specifications to installation guides.

Will smart thermostats save you money?

Smart thermostats don’t directly save you money on your energy bills like changing electricity suppliers can. Smart thermostats help you to run your heating much more efficiently which results in saving you money in the long-term. So, if you are an energy conscious homeowner who is a dab hand with smart technology, then smart thermostats may just be up your street.

If you still have any questions that you would like to ask us about smart thermostats, don’t forget that our friendly team are always on hand. Let’s talk…

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