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Where can I buy ThermoSphere electric heating? Can I buy from you?

Where can I buy ThermoSphere electric heating? Can I buy from you?

You are probably wondering why we are writing a blog post on this. It seems a bit bizarre right? Actually, we love to ensure we answer every question a visitor to our website sends us. In fact, this is up there in being one of the most common questions we get asked.

The problem with many industries is that anything related to price, cost, how to buy, where to buy, why don’t you sell etc seems to be unnecessarily difficult to unpack. There’s a strange inherent fear about being transparent. We prefer the upfront and honest approach.

So, I’ll answer the questions like ‘Do you sell direct?’ or ‘Why can’t I just buy direct from you?’

Why can’t I buy direct from you?

Firstly, I want to clarify the define the meaning of ‘to sell’ which is to ‘give or hand over (something) in exchange for money.’

If you’ve come to our website and fallen in love with one of our electric heating systems which you want to buy right now…you can! But, through one of our resellers. You can find one of your local ThermoSphere resellers using this handy search tool.

We just don’t sell direct. Sorry. But here is why.

Our financial transactions take place through our network of trusted resellers which include; bathroom shops, tile shops, electrical wholesalers and merchants.

We like nothing more to give you the very best experience of ThermoSphere right from the get go and we are huge fans of having conversations with anyone and everyone – regardless of who you are, we’d like nothing more than to discuss your residential properties and how it is best for you to heat the space and the water using electric. We’ve got specific consultants for architects through to end-users who are always on hand to help you to specify, install and use our products with ease.

So, the money changes hands through our resellers, but we’ll chat to anyone.

So, why don’t we sell direct when others do?

  • Our resellers are our sales team – they have the contacts that we need to spread the right messages to the right people who will benefit from installing one of our electric heating systems.
  • Our resellers have the trust of the installers and contractors – not being funny here, but does anyone really, truly, in their heart of hearts, trust a manufacturer? There’s always that suspicion that manufacturers tell you the positives but keep back any negatives. It’s sort of like booking a holiday. Over 80% of holiday makers will look at reviews from independent sites such as TripAdvisor before committing to making the booking at the travel agent or the hotel directly.
  • Our resellers have the physical locations with stock – why would you choose to have something delivered later in the week, if you could collect when you pick up everything else for the job?

This also benefits our installer, contractor and end-users

  • Resellers are better placed to offer credit terms
  • Resellers are better placed to offer discounts and combination deals
  • Combined spend with resellers can attract better terms
  • Orders placed for multiple ranges can be collected from one place
  • Delivery and technical questions can be handled by one contact

As you can see, there are bunch of reasons why we support our resellers, but ultimately, it’s a commercial decision made in the interests of Thermogroup Ltd. The right commercial decision for us is also the right one for our customers.

If we were to sell direct, the following would be true:

  • We’d have to double (possibly treble) the size of our Sales, Service and Dispatch teams (that’s expensive) in order to maintain and grow our top line.
  • We’d be shipping 10x as many orders, at a fraction of the order value. As a manufacturer, we’re not geared up for that.
  • We’d become extremely irrelevant for our new customer base. Our product range is pretty small in comparison with all the products an installer/contractor would have to buy to complete a job – they’d probably just go to their nearest Screwfix and pick it off the shelf because it’s all in one place.

So, there we have it, the long-winded way of saying unfortunately we don’t sell direct but you can buy ThermoSphere from a large network of resellers. But at least you now know why we don’t. Plus, I’ve put this in writing now, so there’s no going back.

Our commitment is to make all ThermoSphere electric heating systems easily accessible to buy through our growing network of resellers.

BUT…. if your favourite retailer doesn’t sell ThermoSphere, feel free to slam your hand down on the counter in disgust then kindly ask them to give us a call on 0800 019 5899 to place an order with us and we’ll get it shipped anywhere in the UK for next day delivery.

So, there it is, in writing, our rationale as to why you can’t buy direct from us. But there are hundreds of places you can.

If you need further advice or have any questions about where to buy ThermoSphere electric heating systems, our team are on stand-by to help. Simply, get in touch.

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