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Programmable thermostat for electric underfloor heating


Flexible scheduling (7 day, 6 events)

Automatic open window sensor

Energy saving adaptive start

Easy to use touch display

Ambient & floor temperature sensing mode

EcoDesign Compliant

Great news! We're totally compliant and so are you when you use, specify and install our electric underfloor heating and thermostats. 

What is Lot 20?  In a nut-shell, the Lot 20 EcoDesign directive helps you save energy and money by introducing a standard for energy efficiency for electric heating system and other products in the home. The directive came into force in January 2018 and you can relax knowing our solutions are 100% compliant!  

Thoughtfully designed and 100% reliable

Our programmable thermostats include energy saving features to heat your home efficiently and keep you warm and comfortable exactly when you want to be.


Experience additional energy saving features with the programmable thermostat

Automatic Open Window Sensor

Open window & door sensor

Your underfloor heating will automatically switch off when the programmable control senses an open window or door, to reduce heat loss.

Programmable 1

Smart adaptive startup

The ThermoSphere programmable thermostat learns how long it takes your floor to heat up to ensure your room is warm when you want it to be.

Programmable thermostat technical specifications

Control technical data

Technical Data 
Supply voltage230V 50/60Hz
Maximum load16A (3600W)
Backup storageEEPROM (1 year backup)
Temperature range5 ~ 80°C (0.5°C increments)
Sensor ratingNTC 10kΩ @ 25°C
Warranty3 years
Protection ratingIP30
Width85 mm
Height85 mm
Depth46 mm (31 mm in wall)
Network requirementsWireless hub (5000RF)
Single Underfloor Heating Control Diagram

Stock codes

Stock CodeTypeColourSize (mm)IP RatingMax LoadUnit
SCP-W-01ProgrammableWhite85 x 85 x 46 (31mm in wall)IP3016AEa
SCP-B-01ProgrammableBlack85 x 85 x 46 (31mm in wall)IP3016AEa

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