Simple and efficient

Ideal for rooms that are occasionally used and require
instant heat. Warms rooms up to 18m2 and wired directly to the mains.

Simple and efficient

Ideal for rooms that are occasionally used and require
instant heat. Warms rooms up to 18m2 and wired directly to the mains.

Intuitive. Effective. Simple.

Made with you in mind, whether you’re a Homeowner, Installer or Project manager. These convector panel heaters are a cost effective and practical heating alternative. The intuitive control panel with LCD display makes setting up the convector panel heater simple. Navigate through multiple heating modes which include comfort, economy and frost-free…

Heating modes

The Ecodesign Lot 20 compliant convector panel heater is ideal for rooms that are only occasionally used but require instant heat when occupied. With four heating modes: Comfort, Economy, Frost-free and Programming to suit all eventualities.

Convector panel heater
Convector 5

Heating schedule

The intuitive control panel with LCD display makes setting up your convector panel heater simple. Easily navigate through the heating modes including comfort, economy and frost-free to customise your heating experience.

Eco design compliant

The convector panel heaters come with everything you need for an easy installation. Rated as IP24 (splash protection), these convector panel heaters can even be installed in bathrooms but must be installed outside of Zone 1 or Zone 2 areas.

Not in zone 1 or 2
Convector panel heater installation

Installed easily...

Everything you need to install the convector panel heater, easy to fix on any wall using the brackets and fixing screws supplied. 

No such thing as a silly question...

The general rule of thumb is the larger the room, the greater the output wattage you will need. But it also depends on how well insulated the room is. For example, our 1200W oil filled electric radiator will comfortably heat a well-insulated room with a floor space of 13m2 but only up to 12m2 if it does not have adequate insulation. Even if you buy the next most powerful electric radiator, it won’t do any harm. It will just mean that it will turn off more often once the room has reached your desired temperature.


Another consideration is being able to accurately control and programme your electric radiator key to ensuring energy efficiency is maintained and heating bills don’t go through the roof. Each of our electric radiators are programmable and include a digital thermostat and can monitor the room temperature precisely. This means that the electric radiator turns on less often and doesn’t unnecessarily use more power than needed which reduces energy consumption.

Electric heating is 100% energy efficient at point of use. All the electricity you use and pay for converts into heat. When you pay for 1kWh of electricity, 1kW of heat gets transferred into the room for one hour.

There are no moving parts which means that an electric heating system rarely breaks down. There are no water-filled pipes so there is less risk of property damage from burst pipework.

With electric heating you do not run the risk of carbon monoxide emissions or any combustible gas leaks making it one of the safest ways to heat your home.

You have probably heard that gas products are cheaper to run than electric ones, we're not here to deny that however there are plenty of long term benefits which make choosing an electric radiator an attractive and sensible option.


Electric powered radiators are 100% efficient and do not waste any energy, that means 100% of the energy generated is transferred to heat. Fantastic. Because of this, electric radiators require less energy to function, which can help save on energy costs.


What's more, you also gain a lot more freedom when it comes to installation as they do not require a plumbed central heating connection. Electric radiators also require far less maintenance than central heating powered radiators. With less moving parts, there is less to go wrong which typically means they last much longer.

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