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Representative example for ThermoSphere 150W Mesh underfloor heating

Representative running costs for a ThermoSphere 150W/m2 mesh system used as a primary heat source in a well-insulated environment.

1 Hour2.1p4.2p8.4p10.5p21.1p31.6p52.7p
2 Hours4.2p8.4p17p21p42.2p63.2p105.4p
3 Hours6.3p12.6p25.3p31.6p63.2p94.8p158.1p
4 Hours8.4p17p33.7p42.2p84.3p126.5p210.8p
5 Hours10.5p21p42.2p52.7p105.4p158.1p263.4p
6 Hours12.6p25.3p50.6p63.2p126.5p189.7p316.1p
7 Hours14.8p29.5p59p73.8p147.5p221.3p367p
8 Hours16.9p33.7p67.4p84.3p168.6p253p421p

This approximation does not imply any warranty or guarantee of energy consumption and/or electricity costs.

The following reasonable assumptions have been made to calculate these approximate daily running costs:

  • System is installed as a primary heat source in a well-insulated dwelling, built to current Part L regulations.

  • 150W/m2 system under a 10mm ceramic tile on 10mm Insulation Board

  • Energy price of 14.05p/kWh (average UK price at time of printing)

  • The system is controlled by an intelligent programmable thermostat with floor sensor

  • Floor temperatures set at 24 degrees Celsius.

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