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The most advanced electric underfloor heating foil available today


ThermoSphere Foil is our foil electric underfloor heating system, designed for high performance under wood, carpet and vinyl floor finishes. Our foil system is perfect for bedrooms, living and dining rooms, meaning you can now enjoy the warmth and comfort only electric underfloor heating can bring, not just in your kitchen and bathroom but in all rooms of your home.

ThermoSphere Foil is in league with our other floor heating products with regards to innovation. In 2015 it became the first fully earthed foil electric underfloor heating system in the UK to feature easily accessible cable loops designed to assist with an easier installation.

ThermoSphere Electric Underfloor Heating Foil

The most advanced heating foil

ThermoSphere Foil electric underfloor heating is a hard wearing foil designed for a long lasting installation with efficient heat transfer. The double layer of foil is specifically designed to protect the heating element and achieve an even spread of heat to the floor above.

As safe as it is efficient and robust

Electrical safety is paramount.
It's for that reason we have ensured ThermoSphere Foil has continuous earth braid protection running throughout the entire length of the heating cable. So you can easily install it with complete peace of mind.

Innovative design for an easier insallation

Equipped with a cushioning underlay, the heating cable inside ThermoSphere Foil is embedded to remain totally protected from abrasion. Accessible cable loops simplify cut and return installation and provide protection for the heat element after installation is complete.

Designed for any room and any floor finish

Our revolutionary heating Foil is designed to give the perfect spread of heat when installed in any room beneath wood, carpet or laminate flooring. Perfect for bedrooms, living and dining rooms, meaning you can now enjoy the warmth throughout your home.

It's even suitable in a wet room!

ThermoSphere Foil is a Class II product that is specifically designed for dry rooms. However, it is also suitable for installation in locations such as wet rooms and bathrooms (subject to appropriate RCD protection and compliance with local building standards.

Guaranteed for a lifetime

As with our Membrane and Mesh electric underfloor heating solutions, In the unlikelihood that you do experience a problem with ThermoSphere Foil, there is no need to worry, you can simply relax knowing that each installation is covered by a lifetime guarantee.

EcoDesign Compliant

Great news! We're totally compliant and so are you when you use, specify and install our electric underfloor heating and thermostats. 

What is Lot 20?  In a nut-shell, the Lot 20 EcoDesign directive helps you save energy and money by introducing a standard for energy efficiency for electric heating system and other products in the home. The directive came into force in January 2018 and you can relax knowing our solutions are 100% compliant!  

Foil accessories

Foil 5
Cushioning Overlay*

Included in kit

Foil 6
Cushioning Underlay*

Included in kit

Underfloor Heating Cement Board Overlay
Cement Board Overlay
Underfloor Heating HDF Overlay
HDF Overlay Board

Recommended Solution for Wood, Carpet & Vinyl Floor Finishes

Bring the warm feeling to an engineered timber or laminate floor finish with 140W ThermoSphere heating foil with a limited floor build up of only 7mm. Extra thermal insulation can be included if required.

Click each layer to view specific product information.

Recommended Solution for Wood, Carpet & Vinyl Floor Finishes
SmartHome Control Cushioning Overlay ThermoSphere Foil Underfloor Heating Mat Cushioning Underlay Sub Floor Engineered timber or laminate floor finish

SmartHome Control

Alexa Controlled Underfloor Heating Thermostat

New ThermoSphere SmartHome controls that work with Alexa.

Works with Alexa via the ThermoSphere SmartHome hub.

Can be used as a standalone electric underfloor heating thermostat.

Control from anywhere with the ThermoSphere iOS & Android app.

Available in black or white.

Click here for more information on this solution

Cushioning Overlay

Underfloor Heating Cushion Overlay

An essential 1.2mm cushioning overlay that is required for every ThermoSphere foil installation.

Protects the foil from any movement in the floating floor finish and provides 21dB impact sound insulation.

Dimensions: 15 m x 1m x 1.2mm

Stockcode: WCVF-CUSHO

ThermoSphere Foil Underfloor Heating Mat

ThermoSphere Foil Underfloor Heating Mat

ThermoSphere 140w Foil is the most advanced electric underfloor heating foil available today. Innovations such as our exposed cable loops and continuous earth protection ensure an easy installation and total safety.

Designed for floating laminate and engineered timber floor finishes, along with carpet and vinyl.

- Simple cut & turn installation method

Cushioning Underlay

Underfloor Heating Cushion Overlay

An essential 5mm cushioning underlay that is required for every ThermoSphere foil installation.

Allows the heating cable to embed itself and is totally protected from abrasion.

Dimensions: 1200 mm x 500mm x 5mm

Stockcode: WCVF-CUSHU

Sub Floor

Engineered timber or laminate floor finish

ThermoSphere Foil is designed for use under wood, carpet, laminate and vinyl floor finishes, however is also suitable for tile or stone with the appropriate buildup.

What does it cost to run?

It costs less than one average takeaway coffee to run 2m² of electric underfloor heating for one month.

How much does Foil cost?

Use our quote calculator to find out what a Foil electric underfloor heating system could cost you

Where can I buy?

You can buy ThermoSphere Foil floor heating in-store or online. Use our locator tool to find the place nearest you.

Register your warranty

ThermoSphere Foil electric underfloor heating comes with a life-time guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Select a size for your heated floor area

ThermoSphere 140W Heating Foil

Designed to provide a floating heated floor when used with a laminate or engineered timber flooring. Also suitable for soft floor coverings when used with one of our overlay solutions

Stock CodeSize (m)Area (m2)Output (w)Resistance (Ω)
WCVF-140-01002 x 0.51.0140337.9
WCVF-140-01503 x 0.51.5210251.9
WCVF-140-02004 x 0.52.0280188.9
WCVF-140-02505 x 0.52.5350151.1
WCVF-140-03006 x 0.53.0420126.0
WCVF-140-04008 x 0.54.056094.5
WCVF-140-050010 x 0.55.070075.6
WCVF-140-060012 x 0.56.084063.0
WCVF-140-070014 x 0.57.098053.9
WCVF-140-080016 x 0.58.0112047.2
WCVF-140-090018 x 0.59.0126041.9
WCVF-140-100020 x 0.510.0140037.8
WCVF-140-120024 x 0.512.0168031.5

Essential accessories for every installation

These underfloor heating accessories must be included in any ThermoSphere heating foil installation.

Stock Code Description Size Unit
WCVF-CUSHOFoil 7Heated Foil Cushioning Overlay15m x 1m x 1.2mm(15m2) Pk1
WCVF-CUSHUFoil 8Heated Foil Cushioning Underlay1200mm x 500mm x 5mm(6m2) Pk10

Optional accessories

For improved efficiency and performance you can include these additional accessories as part of your installation.

Stock Code Description Size Unit
WCVF-HDFOFoil 9Heating Foil HDF Overlay Board1200 x 600 x 1.2 mmPack 4
WCVF-CBHOFoil 10Heating Foil Cement Overlay Board1200 x 600 x 12 mmPack 2
FT-050Fixing Tape50 mm x 50 metresRoll
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