Fast and easy installation

Award-winning ThermoSphere Membrane provides 5 solutions in one easy to install system. 


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How to install ThermoSphere Membrane

This guide for installing ThermoSphere Membrane covers both the fleece-backed and the self-adhesive options. Both are versatile and fast to install, no wonder it’s the installer’s floor heating of choice!

Floor Options

Concrete substrate

Timber substrate

1. Tile

2. Flexible tile adhesive

3. Ultimate system

4. Flexible tile adhesive

5. Uncoated insulation board

6. Flexible tile adhesive

7. Concrete substrate

Ultimate concrete substrate build up

1. Tile

2. Flexible tile adhesive

3. Ultimate system

4. Flexible tile adhesive

5. Coated insulation board

6. Timber substrate

Ultimate build-up on timber substrate

Install in one day

It's simple design means that a ThermoSphere Membrane system is typically installed in just one day. Our recommended installation requires less steps than other underfloor heating products which allows you more time to just enjoy life and/or focus on your other projects.

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Installing ThermoSphere Ultimate

Made for wet rooms

The advanced waterproofing properties make ThermoSphere Membrane a perfect fit for wet rooms. It can be installed on walls as well as floors and sealed against moisture by using the ThermoSphere Waterproofing Kit.

Guide to wet rooms

ThermoSphere - Wetroom_Ultimate

Lifetime warranty

As with all our electric underfloor heating, in the unlikelihood that you do experience a problem with ThermoSphere Membrane, don't worry, you can relax knowing that it comes with a lifetime warranty. 

You must register within 60 days of installation to be covered by the warranty.

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Tilling over Ultimate system

Our 3 top installation tips for fleece-backed Membrane

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1x1m sheets

In smaller areas use 1x1m ThermoSphere Membrane panels. They are smaller, lighter and easier to work with than the 15x1m rolls.

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Use a roller

Use a wallpaper seam roller or soft tiling float to push the cables into the membrane channels. Your thumbs will thank you!

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Cable care

Roll short lengths of cable out ahead of you on the floor and push it into the membrane in sections to make de-spooling easy and tangle free.

Have an installation question?

If you have a question that needs an answer, our comprehensive FAQs page is packed full of them. However, we know that some questions are more complex than others so our team are always available to help.


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