Installation made easy

Award-winning ThermoSphere Mesh is designed for easy installation. It’s self-adhesive and can be tiled over directly.


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How to install ThermoSphere Mesh

Installing ThermoSphere Mesh is simple. Here you'll find video guides, instructions and top tips to make installing ThermoSphere Mesh hassle-free.

Floor Options

Tile floor finish


1. Tile

2. Flexible tile adhesive

3. Uncoupling membrane

4. Flexible tile adhesive

5. Mesh

6. Uncoated insulation board

7. Flexible tile adhesive

8. Concrete substrate

Mesh - Tile floor finish with uncoupling membrane on Concrete substrate

Carpet floor finish


1. Carpet

2. Carpet underlay

3. Flexible self-levelling compound

4. Mesh

5. Uncoated insulation board

6. Flexible tile adhesive

7. Concrete substrate

Mesh - Carpet floor finish on Concrete substrate

Engineered timber floor finish


1. Engineered timber

2. Flexible self-levelling compound

3. Mesh

4. Uncoated insulation board

5. Flexible tile adhesive

6. Concrete substrate

Mesh - Engineered timber floor finish on Concrete substrate

Vinyl floor finish


1. Vinyl

2. Acrylic adhesive

3. Flexible self-levelling compound

4. Mesh

5. Coated insulation board

6. Flexible tile adhesive

7. Concrete substrate

Mesh - Vinyl floor finish on Concrete substrate

Lifetime warranty

As with our Membrane & Foil electric underfloor heating systems, in the unlikelihood that you do experience a problem with ThermoSphere Mesh, don't worry, you can relax knowing that it comes with a comprehensive lifetime warranty. You must register your electric underfloor heating installation to be covered by the warranty.

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Mesh Installation_install

Our 3 top installation tips


Thermostat position

Start at the thermostat position. This means you won't have to extend the cold tail to reach the thermostat position.

BT21 Sensor-1

Floor sensor

Always install the floor temperature sensor in a conduit to facilitate replacement should it be required. If you don't want to use a conduit, install a second floor sensor as a spare.

Cable Protection

Don't cut the cable!

Don't cut the heating cable as it will void your warranty and result in poor performance and eventually cable failure!

Have an installation question?

If you have a question that needs an answer, our comprehensive FAQs page is packed full of them. However, we know that some questions are more complex than others so our team are always available to help.


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