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Suitable for both primary and supplementary heating applications, in well insulated properties. 


Top installation tips

How to install ThermoSphere Screed Cable

Using ThermoSphere Screed Cable with an off peak electricity tariff will help to create an exceptionally energy-efficient storage of heat underneath the floor. We've pulled together some useful tips for installing the system which includes options for securing the cable.

Floor Options

Tile floor finish


1. Tile

2. Flexible tile adhesive

3. Flow screed

4. Screed cable

5. Foil faced insulation

6. Concrete substrate

Screed - Tile floor finish on Concrete substrate

Carpet floor finish


1. Carpet

2. Carpet underlay

3. Flow screed

4. Screed cable

5. Foil faced insulation

6. Concrete substrate

Screed - Carpet floor finish on Concrete substrate

Key installation steps

Screed installation step 1

1. Sensor and foil faced insulation

Screed installation step 2

2. Lay fixing profile

Screed installation step 3

3. Lay cable

Screed installation step 4

4. Perimeter insulation

Screed installation step 5

5. Test then screed

Screed installation 6

6. Installing your thermostat

Fixing the cable

One of two fixing methods can be used to install Screed Cable.

  1. For easy installation onto foil faced insulation boards use the tacker gun and 8mm staples.
  2. A galvanised steel fixing profile can be fixed to any timber or concrete substrate

Installation instructions (PDF)

Screed step 1 & 2

Lifetime warranty

As with our Mesh, Membrane & Foil electric underfloor heating systems, in the unlikelihood that you do experience a problem with our membrane floor heating solution, don't worry, you can relax knowing that each installation is covered by a lifetime warranty. You must register the installation within 60 days to be covered.

Register warranty

Home Warranty

Our 3 top installation tips


Quick installation

Screed cables can be staples directly to foam faced insulation ready for screeding over.

Cable Protection


Protect the cold tail and floor sensor connection cables during screeding in a section of vertical pipe that is longer than the screed depth.



Always mark out final wall, door and permanent furniture positions before laying the heating cable, as heating cable should not be laid in these areas.

Have an installation question?

If you have a question that needs an answer, our comprehensive FAQs page is packed full of them. However, we know that some questions are more complex than others so our team are always available to help.


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