Bluetooth Programmable Thermostat

Fast to install and easy to set up

The Bluetooth Programmable Thermostat is designed to make installation fast and easy.


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What's in the box

Everything you need for a hassle free installation is included. 1 x Thermosphere Bluetooth Programmable Thermostat (BT21), 2 x fixing screws, 1 x 3m floor temperature sensor probe and installation instructions.

Bluetooth Programmable Thermostat_Whats in the box

Twist & go

The patented feature enables you to install the fascia with ease and no tools are needed! Just push the dial in and twist clockwise to lock the fascia plates. It really is as simple as that!

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How to install

From wiring up the BT21 Bluetooth Programmable Thermostat to setting up your heating schedule, we have got you covered!

How to wire up

How to wire up the Bluetooth Programmable Thermostat, connecting the underfloor heating cold tail, power supply and floor temperature sensor. Also, how easy the new bespoke 'Twist & go' fascia is to use...without tools!

Quick start guide

Get your thermostat and app connected in minutes. Learn what is on the thermostat, the user interface and how to set up a heating schedule.

Detailed setup guide

Learn about all the features and functionality of the thermostat and app. Discover what‘s on the thermostat, the interface and how to set up your heating schedule effectively.

Our 3 top installation tips

Twist icon

Twist to unlock

The patented twist and go action makes removing the fascia easy. Simply push the dial in and twist anti-clockwise to unlock the fascia plates.

Floor sensor icon

Install two sensors

If something goes wrong you have a back up and the thermostat will always know the temperature of the floor and maintain efficiency.

Preset icon

Remember the preset

Save your heating schedule and all settings as a preset. Then simply copy it to all of your other BT21 thermostats in your home.

Have an installation question?

If you have a question that needs an answer, our comprehensive FAQs page is packed full of them. However, we know that some questions are more complex than others so our team are always available to help.


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