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Heat water more efficiently and reduce water waste with this range of compact electric boilers for central heating and instant hot water applications.


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Supporting the decarbonisation of home heating 

Gas boilers are responsible for 60% of carbon  emissions in the UK and 22 million homes in the UK use them. The government is making significant steps to help reduce the impact by banning gas boilers in new builds by 2025. 

Along with heat pumps, electric boilers offer a smart and alternative way to help decarbonise home heating. They run quietly and are compact in size which means you can install them almost anywhere. So whether you are looking for an electric boiler to replace a gas boiler, need help with off grid options or looking for a perfect instantaneous hot water system, you are in the right place.

Water heating that's kinder to the planet

Conventional water heating systems don't cut the mustard when it comes to energy efficiency and sustainability. This range is different. It's a great alternative for both water heating and instantaneous hot water that's more efficient and significantly reduces waste.

100% efficient

Superior efficiency

With an efficiency rating of 99.8%, the electric boiler range knocks gas out of the park.

Low capital cost

Reduces waste

Forget about wasting water while waiting for it to warm up. The Micro Electric Boiler delivers it in an instant.

Compact design

Compact design

Each electric boiler is compact in design and can be installed in the smallest of spaces.


Fast to install

Choose an electric boiler with a circulation pump to save even more installation time.


Multiple applications

Electric boilers easily connect and work with multiple heating systems, including wet underfloor heating.

Low maintenance

Minimal maintenance

Unlike their gas counterparts, electric boilers don't require an annual service, which reduces maintenance costs.

Designed for when space is at a premium

Compact in design, the range is ideal for both residential and commercial projects that need to maximise living space. The compact nature of the water heating range makes them ideal to be easily hidden away out of sight.

Boiler without pump

Electric Flow Boiler

Provide hot water to central heating systems and wet underfloor heating. Suitable for open vented or pressurised systems with no flue requirement.


About electric flow boilers


Micro Electric Boiler

An alternative to conventional hot water systems, which enhances everyday living by instantly delivering hot water, at the right temperature, whenever and wherever it is needed.


About Micro Electric Boilers

Ideal for off grid

If you’re one of over 2 million homes in the UK not connected to a mains gas supply you know the challenges surrounding heating your home. Electric boilers are a smart alternative off-grid heating solution.

Why electric boilers for off grid

Off grid

No fossil fuels. No flue.

Electric boilers don't burn natural gas so there is no need to install a flue which speeds up installation time. Changing to a green energy tariff will help reduce your carbon footprint even further. 

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Kind water heating

Tips, guides and tools

These water heating tips, guides and tools give you everything you need to make water heating efficient.


Troubleshooting boilers

Helping to remove the inconvenience and potentially traumatic experience of an electric boiler breakdown. 

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Replacing gas boilers

Can you swap out a gas or oil boiler for an electric one? You sure can. We walk you through how.

Swapping gas for electric


Video guides

Watch easy-to-follow guides for installing and troubleshooting the range of electric boilers.

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More about electric boilers

There's a huge selection of content about electric boilers and more within the Learning Zone.  

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Your water heating questions answered

If you have a question that needs an answer, our comprehensive FAQs page is packed full of them. However, we know that some questions are more complex than others so our team are always available to help.


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