Waiting & wasting are in the past

The Micro Electric Boiler delivers hot water instantly with 99.7% efficiency.

Waiting & wasting are in the past

The Micro Electric Boiler delivers hot water instantly with 99.7% efficiency.

Enhancing everyday living

An innovative alternative to conventional hot water systems, the Micro Electric Boiler enhances everyday living by instantly delivering hot water, at the right temperature, whenever and wherever it is needed.

In the UK, we waste 63.5bn litres of water each year by waiting for showers to reach the desired temperature. That’s enough to fill 25,400 Olympic sized swimming pools!

Reduce waste

Running water and waiting for it to get hot is a massive waste. With typical storage hot water systems, water is heated, it cools and then requires reheating which also wastes energy. The Micro Electric Boiler reduces water and energy waste by instantly heating the water you need, when you need it.

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Space saving

The compact A4 sized design (315 x 210 x 170mm) of the Micro Electric Boiler making it easy to install in confined spaces, so it’s a perfect fit for any type of residential or commercial project, where space is at a premium.

It‘s clever. Really clever!

Using a patented system of sophisticated electronics and software, the Micro Electric Boiler dynamically adjusts the energy use 100 times a second to deliver hot water at the exact temperature using as little energy as possible.

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Superior in every way

The Micro Electric Boiler doesn’t suffer with the same drawbacks found with typical instantaneous hot water systems. It uses direct energy transfer rather than a high temperature heating element, which heats the water efficiently. There’s no risk of overheating, burnout or scaling. 

Double the flow rate

By installing a Micro Electric Boiler, you’ll be able to achieve over double the flow rate of other instantaneous hot water systems. In fact, as much as 5.5 litres per minute!

You can even install two Micro Electric Boilers in tandem to deliver flow rates of 11 litres per minute!

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Where can the Micro Electric Boiler be used?

The Micro Electric Boiler, is perfect for any project that requires a dynamic, practical and energy efficient approach for heating water. Applications include:

Domestic hot water

Domestic hot water systems


Solar thermal and heat pumps backup

Micro Electric Boiler Wet underfloor heating

Wet underfloor heating systems

No such thing as a silly question...

When you turn on the hot tap the water flow instantly starts the water heating process. When you turn the tap off, the water flow stops and so the heating process stops too. This helps to reduce water and energy waste.

It really does! It heats your water on-demand and does not rely on water storage. So it will continually heat water as it goes, there's no magic involved.

It can save you money in many ways:

  • It's 99.7% efficient, so you are only paying for electric on heating the water you use.
  • Not only that, but you're using less water, so saving on water bills.
  • It's super compact, so you're saving space which can come at a premium, in locations such as London.

The actual dimensions of the Micro Electric Boiler are 315 x 210 x 170mm.

We purposefully wanted a system which was compact and efficient. Whichever power type Micro Electric Boiler you choose, the unit size is still the same.

You can control the temperature of the water with the up and down arrows on the front of the Micro Electric Boiler. Simply click to the temperature you desire and you'll have that temperature water instantly available.

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