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5 Reasons to choose NEW in-line joint and TwistedTwin heating cable

5 Reasons to choose NEW in-line joint and TwistedTwin heating cable

At ThermoSphere we’re excited to launch the new improved version of our underfloor Membrane Heating Cable. We’ve been working hard to introduce several improvements that will benefit installers by transforming the installation process to allow quicker quality workmanship. 

Homeowners will benefit too. By removing the traditional bulky cold tail joint, we’ve reduced the potential risk of the joint overheating due to bad installation practise. 

Here are the top 5 reasons you should be using ThermoSphere’s NEW, first-of-its-kind Membrane Heating Cable:

1. New in-line joint technology stops the risk of joint failure 

The new improved ThermoSphere Membrane Heating Cables now feature in-line joint technology. We’ve stopped using the old-style heat shrink joints in favour of this new technology because, although ThermoSphere joints are among the slimmest and highest quality on the market, they do not fit perfectly in decoupling membranes, and they can be vulnerable to poor installation techniques.

Most heat shrink joints are at least 2-3mm thicker than the heated cable, and often so is the cold tail. This means that the joint does not fit in the cable channels of decoupling membranes. The installer must use a sharp blade to cut the joint into the membrane mat to achieve a flush finish ready for tiling. This means the joint or the heating cable could be at risk of being accidentally damaged. Cutting the membrane is also awkward and time consuming, and chasing out concrete is even worse. 

With in-line joint cables, you have a one-step installation process. You simply press the joint into the membrane like you do with the rest of the cable. No time wasted cutting and no risk of damaging the cables.

Installing ThermoSphere Membrane Heating Cable

2. The thinnest cold tail cable makes for the fastest installation

As well as bulky joints, most electric underfloor heating cables use rounded cold tails that are sized between 7-10mm in diameter. We know these chunky cold tails are a massive pain point for installers, as they also have to be cut into the membrane or concealed in thicker layers of levelling compound or tile adhesive. Because ThermoSphere’s Membrane Heating Cables are the same diameter (4mm) along the entire hot and cold length of the cable, even the cold tail fits snugly into the membrane cable channels. This gives you a one-step installation process, speeding things up and letting you install more cable in less time.

ThermoSphere Membrane Heating Cable TwistedTwin technology

3. More choice means a cable for every project

We have introduced four new cables into our range – 42m, 55m, 90m and 175m. We have been listening to our customers, and as these sizes are requested so often, we’ve brought them into the range. The new sizes give installers more choice and reduce the amount of multi-cable installations. While multiple cable installations are perfectly fine, it is simply easier if you only need run one cold tail cable up to the fused spur or thermostat wiring point. This is another way that ThermoSphere’s Membrane Heating Cable makes life easier for installers.

ThermoSphere Membrane Heating Cable layout

4. New plastic-free packaging reduces environmental impact

The environment is a huge concern for all of us and you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve upped our packaging game to be much more environmentally conscious. We have removed all the unnecessary plastic, such as wraps and handles, and introduced a new cable reel that can be dismantled and recycled. Our cable boxes no longer have plastic lamination, are now printed in just a single colour and the cardboard is totally recyclable and compostable. These steps have helped to reduce the environmental impact of our Membrane Heating Cables and give you or your customers much less plastic waste to dispose of. This helps everyone play their part for the planet.

ThermoSphere Membrane Heating Cable unboxing

5. Positive feedback from resellers and installers

We’ve already shown the ThermoSphere Membrane Heating Cable samples to resellers and installers and the feedback was unanimously positive. The installers were particularly pleased to see that we have transformed one of the most awkward parts of the cable installation and created a product that “makes it easier and less hassle” to install.

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We’re also hosting monthly training sessions at our Marden HQ, where you get the chance to see our underfloor heating products first hand and discover our full electric heating range, all for FREE. Interested? Register for the next training event here, each event includes breakfast, lunch and as much tea and coffee as you can drink.

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